Peshawar’s retail market: Prices show an upward trend

PESHAWAR: A steep increase in prices of chicken meat, flour, sugar, cooking oil, vegetable and other important kitchen items was witnessed in the retail market, according to a survey carried out by Business Recorder here on Sunday.
Prices of live chicken/meat increased exorbitantly in the retail market, as almost crossed double century and was available at Rs211 per kilogramme against the price of Rs176 per kilogramme in the previous week, the survey revealed.
Similarly, it recorded, cow meat has also surged to Rs600 per kilogramme which was selling at the price of Rs550 in the previous week, essentially the butchers were completely defying the official rates fixed at Rs370 per kilogramme by the local administration.
An increase of Rs400 per 85 kg bag of flour was witnessed in the wholesale market, increasing the price of flour to Rs60 per kilogramme in the retail market, while fine flour (maida) was available at Rs70-75 and Rs80 per kilogramme in the local market, it’s revealed in the survey.
Similarly, it noted that a 50 kg sugar bag price has also increased to Rs5200 in the wholesale market that has also jacked up prices in the retail market as sugar is being sold at Rs110-112 per kilogramme against the price of Rs105 in the previous week.
Prices of cooking oil/ghee have touched a new peak in wholesale as well as retail market. According to the survey, a 16-kg tin of ghee was available at Rs5100 while a five kilogram tin at Rs1750 in the wholesale market, according to the survey.
The export quality ghee, containing 16 packets of carton, was being sold at Rs4600. Whereas, the survey noted that different brands and quality of cooking oil/ghee available within range of Rs250-280-300 and Rs340-360 and Rs380 per kg/litre. Fresh milk was available at Rs140-150 per litre, while yogurt was being sold at Rs150 in the local market as milk sellers were openly defying the official rates.
The survey noted that fruits are completely out of the purchasing power of a common man in the local market. Golden coloured apples are being sold at Rs100-120 per kilogramme against the price of Rs150-160 per kilogramme in the previous week, the survey said.
Similarly, it added that apricot is being sold at Rs250 per kilogramme, bananas available at Rs80-100, guava was being sold at Rs150 per kilogramme, peach at Rs100 per kilogramme, prices of mangoes are still on high side being as available within range of Rs150-and Rs200 per kilogramme, melon at Rs50 per kilogramme, watermelon was being sold at Rs40-50 per kilogramme.

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