PIA stops crew from fasting during flights; pilots to be promoted

KARACHI: Keeping the safety of passengers in view, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Friday forbade its captains and cabin crew from fasting during flights.
According to the safety alert issued by the PIA administration for captains and cabin crew in connection with the commencement of the holy month of Ramazan, the pilots and cabin crew have been prohibited from fasting during flights.
“Majority of the Muslim countries’ airlines captains and crew members are not allowed to fast during flight”, the alert read. The ban on fasting has been put in place to ensure the safety of travellers.
The PIA spokesperson further said a mechanism is being evolved to ensure no flight operations during Sehri and Iftari timings.
Pakistan International Airlines has termed the decision best for its passengers, captains and cabin crew in line with the international rules.
On the other hand, the national flag carrier has granted promotions to the pilots despite facing a financial crisis following lean flying operations due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Chief of Flight Operations Captain Arshad Khan notified the promotions of aviation from ATR to A-320, whereas the process for promotions from A-320 aircraft to B-777 aircraft is underway in the national airlines. The promotion process is being directly monitored by the chief executive officer (CEO) himself.
The circular stated that the PIA management has decided that ‘during this lean period, career progression by conversions and elevation/promotions along with instructor training of pilots are to be done.’ It added that initial promotions have already been done from ATR to A-320 and the process for promotions from A-320 to B-777 is underway. – TLTP

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