PID Group hosts spectacular Qawwali night in the desert, uniting UAE Pak community

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): The largest social media community of Pakistani expatriates in Dubai, known as Pakistanis in Dubai (PID) Group, orchestrated a vibrant Qawwali Night festival amidst the desert. This event, sponsored by Model Trans Shipping, drew enthusiastic participation from Pakistani residents in the UAE.
Renowned Qawwals Zubair Hussain and Asher Gul lent their melodious voices, captivating the audience, and garnering immense appreciation for the mesmerizing Qawwali Night.
PID Group has consistently strived to arrange family-oriented gatherings in the UAE, providing a platform for Pakistani families, social figures, and business leaders to connect. Notable contributors from the business community, including Faisal Chanda from E-Station, Sher Amin Khan from Link Logistics, Sarfraz Ahmed from Dreamcare Auto Garage, Imran Zafar from Sharaf Exchange, as well as Salco, Pindi Boyz Restaurant, Malang Lounge Cafe, Maryam Art, and Golden Classic Foods, significantly supported the event.
Distinguished individuals such as journalist Tariq Nadeem, President of EMRA UAE Zone along with the EMRA Team, President of Pakistan Social Center Sharjah Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, and other influential figures, attended the event and commended its success.
The tireless efforts of the Pakistans in Dubai team, comprising Nasir Bangash, Umar Farooq, Zohaib Nabeel, Fahad Shahid, Rida Arsalan, Asif Bila, Syed Iftikhar, Filzah, Ramsha Majid, Syed Adil, Nasir Gul Zaman, Rija Obaid, Waleed Pervez, Zain Haider, Umeer Jameel, Qasim Bila, and Kashif Bila, played a pivotal role in uniting Pakistani couples within the diaspora and orchestrating this family-centered event.
Nasir Bangish, the founder of PID Group, expressed that the primary objective behind forming the Pakistanis in Dubai community was to foster unity among Pakistanis residing in the UAE and showcase the finest aspects of Pakistan to the world.
Families who participated in the program expressed their pride in contributing to such gatherings, stating that it exemplified a sense of unity amongst all Pakistanis living in the UAE.
PID Group has consistently been a frontrunner in organizing exceptional and distinctive events, continuing to strengthen the community bonds.