Pietersen, Roy & Richards delighted to watch Pakistan’s scrabble talent

Special Correspondent

Kevin Pietersen, Jason Roy, and Sir Viv Richards, a famous batsman from the West Indies, were impressed by the world-class scrabble players in a developing country like Pakistan.
The owner of the Quetta Gladiator, Nadeem Omar, said these things at the start of the 22nd Inter School and College Scrabble Championship, which will be held on September 4 at the Expo Centre.
Nadeem Omar, who is a big scrabble player, patron, and promoter and has beaten the world champion in a show match, said that these comments are great compliments to our talent and country. He said that Pietersen himself is a good scrabble player.
This event is being put on by the Pakistan Scrabble Association and the Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (SMAP).
Khurshid Hadi, the head of SMAP, said that they have been promoting Bridge, Chess, and Scrabble for the past ten years and have now teamed up with PSA.
The event will be run by Tariq Pervez, who is the Secretary of PSA and the Director of the event. He said that 600 players from different institutions will compete, making this the biggest scrabble event in the world’s history.
He said that this would be a Guinness Book of World Record. But for this reason, you have to pay the Guinness Book of World Records $15,000 to make sure it’s true.

He said that Mind Sports Association of Pakistan will be our partner and that Quetta Gladiators will be the main team and sponsor. He told Nadeem Omar how grateful he was for all the help he gave to promote this good game.
There are 8 different age groups for players ages 7 to 20. We’ve set up training for everyone to help them get ready for the big event. On September 1, the training will take place at the NJV Govt School in Karachi.