PIS celebrates Eid at Pakistan Social Center Sharjah


Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): The Pakistani community in Sharjah came together for a vibrant Eid celebration at the Pakistan Social Center Sharjah, marking a day of unity, fun, and cultural pride. The “Pakistan in Sharjah (PIS) Family EID Meet and Greet” event was a resounding success, offering attendees a rich tapestry of activities, competitions, and entertainment.
The gathering featured an array of engaging games and quizzes suitable for all ages. Highlights included a lively “Gol Gappay eating competition” and musical chairs, alongside thought-provoking quizzes on Eid culture. These activities not only entertained but also strengthened community bonds.
A team of enthusiastic amateur dramatists added flair to the proceedings. The talented group included Memona Sattar, Muhammed Ali Murtaza, Aisha Hassan, Ruhail Mugal, Shayan Ahmad, Saif Ansari, Muhammad Rufail, Shahid Khan, and Aurooj.
The event’s excitement peaked during prize distributions, with lucky winners receiving an assortment of gifts ranging from local business vouchers to electronic gadgets, all generously provided by event sponsors.
“This gathering exemplifies the strong community spirit among Pakistanis in Sharjah,” said Umair Javid, the event’s key organizers. “We’re grateful to everyone who participated, volunteered, or sponsored. Your support was crucial to the event’s success, and we’re excited to plan more such gatherings in the future.”
The event’s success was bolstered by a dedicated team of volunteers, including Umair Javid, Rai Amjad Rehman, Altaf Ahmed Bhutta, Aqif Ahmed, Hafiz Abdul Rauf, Jahanzeb Mughal, Bushra Mohsin, Khawaja Najam Fatima, Afroze Zubair, Sabahat and Sadia Khan.
This Eid celebration not only provided entertainment but also fostered a sense of belonging and cultural pride among the Pakistani expatriate community in Sharjah, creating lasting memories for all involved.