Plans end woes of Islamabadites

It is a good gesture for the dwellers of the capital city, the development including repair and maintenance work in their city is going on much rapidly and unlike in the realm of past governments now their genuine complaints will be redressed on a priority basis. According to the reliable sources known to this writer, while removing the anonymous impediments the capital development authority in this fiscal year succeeded to fetch out an amount of more than seventy billion from tax levanters, however, they also utilized the other income resources as well to accumulate such a huge amount which they required from a protracted period to solve on mandatory basis existing complexed and muddled civic issues.
It was a Tyranny owing to witless, reckless, and ill planning of previous decision makers of Capital Development Authority, from more than a decade the residents of the Federal capital were facing convoluted & acute type of crisis in obtaining essential civic amenities i.e., commercial and residential consumers were facing shortage of drinking water, indeed the disregardful attitude of correlated working force was serious threats to degradation of ecological diversity, dilapidated and incommodious roads which are still causing heavy traffic jams amid traveling of the people in the twin cities. even course of action for the collection of redundant from the city and it is sub-urban areas was not adopted in appropriate manner.
Despite the presence of congruence law with the cooperation and underpinning of the expedient incumbents who sitting in the government some of their voracious and practiced grabbers unbridledly active adopting extra-legal course of action and unlawful mechanisms in developing housing societies and towns. Over the time like growing mushrooms these illegal housing societies are outspreading every available arable acreage in the ambit areas of Islamabad city.
Perhaps it perceives this time it is the end of that arduous era and now PTI government which was striving to exhibit some positive parables for the people of Pakistan also seems to be very cautious & keen, ipso facto they intend to stimulate some favourable modes operands by taking concrete initiatives with earnest and determination to facilitate the people of Pakistan in general and residents of Islamabad in particular. Aim to consummate their plan this time PTI stalwarts predetermined to ameliorate the glitches existing among their party ranks. Albeit it also decerns they are now egregiously committed to aggrandizing benchmark their working methodology. Probably it becomes not too late the authorities perfectly understand the negative impact of the prevailing deteriorating situation upon their government and making sincere efforts to solve optimum problems by providing efficacious relief to our milieu.
However, on one side the opposition parties engrossed to present pseudo uncertain conditions of the country whereas on other side they are busy undermining the country by machinations with the support of intrinsic and extrinsic anti state elements. Despite some facts about deficiencies in the ruler party, we are optimistic very near future certainly the citizens of Islamabad, as well as other megacities of Pakistan will gradually get rid of all sorts of crisis that they are facing from last many decades. Verily it is a positive sign in order to solve the water crisis in the city and in the outskirt areas of Islamabad where ever it is expedient and necessary the authority formulated a plan of digging-out additional tub-wells instantly, so the dearth of water ought to be solved once forever. Besides the above plan, it is also decided in the obligatory and needed spots of the entire city some solid initiatives will be taken by groping out and attaining other possible water resources as well. To restrain & curb the heavy traffic jams it is decided to broaden up the roads, including the construction of new lane as well as carry out repair and maintenance work of dilapidated roads on priority basis and also, it’s marked to erect flyovers on the exigent points of twin cities.
In the past, owing to dishonesty and misgovernance the organization was enduring abundance of financial difficulties; it is worth saying despite such rigorous circumstances the Director of Municipal Administration Islamabad (IMC) was always remained wary and active & made his best efforts to keep clean the atmosphere of urban Islamabad and surrounding rural areas falling in the territory of the federal capital, by wisely and skilfully utilizing the available very limited resources in the IMC some extent he succeeded to diminution the dirt & filth of the city.
Unlike couple of years back now, the overall situation of CDA is comparably revolutionized and this immersing organization currently financially become vigorous and robust. From 2013 government of the Muslim league restrained the new employments in the CDA, owing to the policy of employment restriction in the last nine years the strength of the workers in the organization abated from thirteen thousand six hundred to nine thousand three hundred personals approximately and it is also expected that up till 2024 the force of employs will further be shrinked & will only be remained half of it is present strength. In accordance with the prevailing circumstances to improve the performance of CDA it is mandatory to remove the impediments if any in their way. Moreover, without any further delay it is mandatory to lift the ban of new employment and optimum possible extent may be replenished the increasing gap of employment in the organization on priority basis.

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