PMKP stages protest rally against rising inflation

KARACHI: Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party-Karachi held a protest against rising inflation, unemployment, and imperialist IMF’s anti-poor policies outside Karachi Press Club Saturday, says a Press release.
Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party-Karachi leaders stand against privatisation and commercialisation of welfare and exploitative economic policies which undermine the state of working class people the most, especially during/after a pandemic crisis where people are losing jobs and unable to afford basic amenities due to price hikes. This was first in the series of protest that PMKP will hold against the following demands and the economic crisis that affects workers and peasants -the oppressed and the exploited the most.
We demand that education and health budget should be increased, increase in living wage of workers in factories and 8 hour working shift, pro-labour and peasant reforms through lawmaking, capitalists and landlords should be heavily taxed and their income tax must be increased and the government must provide 50 lakhs houses and 1 Crore jobs as promised.
Baloch Rights Council, Democratic Youth Front, Save Dow Hostels movement, Awami Workers Party, and Progressive Students Federation, joined us in this protest.

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