PMs discourse with the Press


Undoubtedly when PTI took over the government from PML N country was almost broke with huge internal and external debts with over 1.1 trillion gift of circular debt. Under such circumstances options were limited as a result we had no choice except to go to IMF for loans to pay off the interest to avoid default. Thanks to our friends who extended their timely help and rescued us. Special thanks to China which came in a big way with $65 billion investment in the shape of CPEC project that ultimately shall prove to be game changer for Pakistan and world at large
Non cooperation has been the most distinguished feature of our opposition during these 18 months and can be termed as the most difficult period of our history. IK promise of freeing all the institutions from political pressure and interference put new life in them and NAB emerged as the most active and strongest institution in getting hold of corrupt past rulers including former prime ministers, chief ministers and ministers, bureaucrats,generals and filed references against them that are under progress. They were all considered untouchables but since our judiciary now enjoys total independence dealt all high profile cases purely on merit and where they found that government was wrong people got relief. During all this period IK had to face extreme criticism mostly unjustified but he kept moving keeping in front the mission and the objectives to be achieved in the larger interest of the state
As a matter of fact he gave free hand to media but this freedom was grossly misused and in most of the cases red line was crossed without any fear of law and accountability. Different stories were floated in the media trying to bring disrepute to his good name and his government but he never looked back. A selective media group continued his character assassination and made attempts to provoke him but they failed in their attempts and their criticism became his strength. It is also true that he has the weakest media team in the history of Pakistan as a result his work load has increased tremendously that forces him to hold frequent press conferences to brief the nation through them. But lately it has been observed that some journalists made it a point to spread negativity. Your press conference of 24 March on coronavirus to some senior journalists proved the fact they were not interested in the subject but had different agenda as we witnessed during question answer session. It was in a bad taste when some anchors posed irrelevant questions, and in some cases they forgot the decorum and etiquettes of being with the Prime Minister when an anchor said”MAIN NAY AAP KA GIREBAN PAKRNA HAI’ This has largely been condemned by people. The fact of the matter is they had come fully prepared to be rude and sarcastic and would talk out of subject, but IK did not allow this to happen through his wisdom.
Pakistan has reached that stage where things have started moving in the right direction and started getting proper recognition from the international community. Of course the credit goes to IK Suddenly like other countries Pakistan also became victim of Coronavirusnow named as COVID-19 that started from Wuhan city of China in December 2019 and engulfed 199 countries of the world and badly hit the population and destroyed the economy of the world. Today the entire world is in locked down position, all type of businesses, ship movement ,air travel, factories are all shut down. There is hardly any country in the world that had not an adverse effect on them. All countries are taking necessary steps to counter this threat and so is case with Pakistan.
Every country is announcing relief packages for the poor class with in the resources. US president has signed $2 trillion compensation package. PM IK has also announced relief package for the oppressed class which certainly falls short to people expectations. We have yet to establish proper mechanism to face such high scale calamities. As a nation we feel happy with stop gap arrangements that are short lived. We have full fledged organization called NDMA that becomes active when we face disaster whereas by now they should have been fully equipped with necessary tools and kits maintained at all the divisional headquarters of Pakistan to meet any eventuality. An ordinary labourer is already facing hardships and find it difficult to manage in Rs 15000, PM announcement of Rs 3000 to each labourer per month, relief through utility stores, and other programmes short fall to poor people requirements. In the absence of proper data of poor and daily wagers it will be difficult to reach each one of them. Unfortunately we have yet to develop a proper strategy to ensure no one is left unpaid.Through this column I would like to propose scheme for the prime minister to think over it and implement it if it appeals him. Prime Minister wants Pakistan like Masons Riasat, that’s very good. It is a state where everyone is treated alike and no one gets preferential treatment.
Every new political government comes with a new brainwave for attaining cheap popularity and/or for making quick buck on the side without any trail of corruption ever. It’s like hundreds of millions spent every year on the pretext of dredging and Bhul Safai of canals. The moment the canals are filled with water all traces of any work done vanish. Schemes like BISP and Ehsas are from the same genre of corrupt practice. It is an absolute waste of money and is akin to feeding chicken to alligators in a pond. It is strongly felt if they really want to help the poor they should introduce some robust and tangible social security program where all unemployed get reasonable monthly subsistence allowance till such time they get employed. With the help of NADRA they should identify families with a cumulative household income of Rs 50000 or less and issue them family ration cards. Every outlet of Utility Stores could be the Ration Depot with a special window for the card holders only. Substantial subsidy should be given for purchase of special commodities only. This will ensure provision of ration to the poorest of the poor to keep their soul and body together. Schemes like BISP and EHSAS, monthly stipend should be scrapped forthwith and the money diverted for subsidising essential ration to the deserving ration card holders. For that matter Zakat should also be diverted for the purpose and philanthropists should also be approached to donate. The ration Card should be limited to Wheat Flour Edible oil/ghee sugar pulses and Rice. Small cash in the hands of small people always gets misused for expenses it was not supposed to be used for.As an alternate have complete data of poor and daily wagers and be paid monthly subsistence allowance as is happening in western countries.
Since opposition is not on one page with the government on national issues therefore the entire burden has fallen on the government and so far the situation has been handled perfectly. Since there is no ideal situation nor it can be created therefore there is always room for improvement anyone with bright ideas should be welcomed.Lastly to counter negative propaganda against government IK should think of bringing new media team.

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