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Police & ABAD determine to form committee to stop land grabbing & extortions: AIGP

Akhtar Shaheen Rind

KARACHI: Additional Inspector General (AIG) Sindh Khadim Hussain Rind has said that Karachi Police and Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan will constitute a joint committee to stop extortions and land grabbing in the city.
He was addressing a meeting at ABAD House here on Wednesday. Patron In Chief ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani, Chairman ABAD Asif Sumsum, Senior Vice chairman Ibrahim Habib, Vice chairman Zeeshan Siddiqui, Chairman Southern Region Mustafa Sheikhani, DIGs, Police officers and a large number of ABAD members were present on the occasion.
AIGP said that we will fight to finish crimes from the city and the Police have taken appropriate, which has given encouraging results. He said that gunshots incidences during street crimes have come down to 1.25 percent from 2 percent during last one and a half month; however I believe that this is not enough and we will take such steps that street crimes from the city comes to zero percent and when every resident of the city will feel safer that will be our real success.
He said that short term and long term policies will be carved out to stop land grabbing on the lands of builders and developers. Deliberating on policies, he said that in short term policy builders and developers will complain to area SSPs, who will solve the complain within hours; and for the long term policy a committee comprising of representatives from ABAD, Police and Revenue department will be formed to wipe out land grabbing. He said during the British rule there was one policeman for 450 people but now there is one policeman for 4800 people in Karachi that is also with least equipment and facilities. He lamented that mafias are given name of System in Karachi and that Sindh Police will not allow such system at any cost.
He said that builders and developers are receiving threatening for extortions from Iran and Dubai against whom Police is actively working. Giving an example, he said that police killed an extortionist at the same place where he had killed a worker of a builder.
Speaking at this occasion, former chairman and Patron In Chief ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani said that reforms at the Police Station level is need of hours as whenever we start a project SHO of the concerned area arrives to our project. He said that there is dire need of Model Police Stations in Karachi for which we are trying form a committee with Home Minister and Commissioner Karachi. He said that members of ABAD are busy in construction all over Pakistan; however works on almost fifty percent projects are stopped due to present economic crisis.
Addressing the meeting, Chairman ABAD Asif Sumsum appreciated Karachi police for actively support builders and developers against extortionists and land grabbers despite limited resources. But, he said that still Police needs to do more to wipe out menace of extortions and land grabbing. He demanded to implement SOPs, which were decided during a meeting with DIGs for the safety and security of builders and developers. He also demanded to increase Police force and their facilities so that they can work forcefully to protect businessmen and general public of this mega city.