Police role is vital in national uplift by ensuring peace, feels Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that police have a pivotal role in development of the country by creating a sense of security among its citizens.
Addressing a ceremony of police passing out parade at Islamabad Police Lines on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that peace and security are prerequisite to progress and prosperity. He said that a peaceful environment builds trust of investors and they make investments.
“The army is the protector of borders and the police are the protector of common citizens,” he said, adding that no nation can prosper without proper regulation of law and order in the country.
Imran Khan said that the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa changed police, and people there now own and give due respect to the police. He said that he wants to see a similar changed police in the entire country. He said that police should treat every common man as a VIP.
The Prime Minister announced a health card facility for the personnel of Islamabad Police. He said the card holders can get medical facilities at any hospital up to Rs1 million.
Emphasising the government will do its best to increase the salaries of the Islamabad police, he said: “I am a prime minister and not a king. Therefore, I will make the decisions with the consultation of Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh.” He agreed that the salaries of the Islamabad police officials are not enough and the salaried class of the country usually struggles to make ends meet.
He said that honesty and sincerity are the most important traits of nations that prosper despite hurdles and unfavourable circumstances.
“We will consider raising the salaries of the Islamabad police but I have to consult my ministries to take the final decision,” he added.
The Prime Minister said that the government has secured a major achievement on the economic front by turning the country’s current account deficit in surplus for the fifth consecutive month after seventeen years.
He said that the government has been pursuing the policy controlling expenditures in view of the country’s debt. He said the expenses of the Prime Minister House have been reduced by 60 percent. Similarly, he said the expenditures of the federal government have also been decreased.
Earlier in the day, the PM reached the Police Lines Headquarters in Islamabad. He is the first prime minister to attend an event by the police – the second line of defence in Pakistan after the army. The Premier attended the passing out ceremony of 1,200 policemen.
Newly-appointed Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and the Islamabad Inspector-General Islamabad also attended the ceremony.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that overseas Pakistanis are an asset and the government considers making the process of investment easy for them, protection of their investments and their participation in the voting process as its foremost priority.
The Prime Minister was talking to British House of Lords member Lord Amir Sarfraz, who called on him, in Islamabad on Wednesday.
The PM said that the government gives priority to resolution of the problems of overseas Pakistanis. He congratulated Lord Amir Sarfraz for being appointed as member of the House of Lords at a young age.
They discussed ways to further strengthen relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Special Assistant to the PM for Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Abbas Zulfikar Bukhari was also present in the meeting.
Lord Amir Sarfraz is among the youngest lords.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed relevant authorities to make expeditious progress on Ravi Riverfront Urban Development project.
The Prime Minister ordered expediting work on Ravi Riverfront Urban Development project after a consortium comprising global firms, ANGCC, offered investment worth $5 billion, as well as the Chinese government and other companies decided for making an investment of $3 billion.
He had been apprised in a meeting of Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Authority (RUDA) and Pakistan Islands Development Authority (PIDA) regarding the expected investment worth $8 billion by a number of global companies in the Ravi Riverfront project.
It has emerged that a $3 billion investment will not include any genre of loan. Moreover, the premier was told that a board has been constituted to initiate development work from January 2021.
The PM said that the project will be the biggest and unique in its kinds which will attract foreign investors besides creating opportunities for employment in the country.
Earlier in September, PM Imran Khan had laid the foundation stone of Ravi Riverfront Urban Development project and planted a sapling. The PM said that the pace of construction of multi-billion project possesses importance and the federal government will provide maximum assistance for removing all barriers in the urban development project.
The project will be completed with the coordination of the private sector and the Punjab government will complete its infrastructure. The country will witness huge foreign investment through the project which is being initiated under a comprehensive plan. – TLTP

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