Politicians – Time to wake up


3 April 2022 was the day when present political and constitutional crisis emerged in Pakistan when Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri dismissed a no confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged to be through a conspiracy planned by US in collaboration with opposition parties that ultimately resulted in ouster of IK on suo motto taken by SC. This may be one of the reason but much before no confidence motion(NCM) it was general rumor that IK government cannot stay in power for a longer period. There are always plus and minus points of every government but that should not mean that we should create a situation that leads to destabilization of the country. If the country gets destabilized it hits badly the economy and ultimate loser are always the poor people. All political parties in opposition joined hands against PTI and the end result was removal of IK as prime minister. Once opposition succeeded in its mission the politics assumed new dimension and changed in to personal vendetta. Day in and day out both sides leaders are accusing each other of major corruption charges, bringing new scandals to defame each other. Confrontation between PTI and government is touching heights, but at the same time no one is bothered about the plight of the poor. While this was happening PTI after winning 15 bye election seats out of 20 was now in comfortable position to overthrow Punjab government of Hamza Shahbaz without any problem as the numbers required were more than enough to form the government. Politics of Pakistan has completely changed, parliament being dysfunctional they un necessarily drag the courts and both sides consider it their privilege to put pressure on courts for getting favorable decision. In case of losing the case start criticizing the court being impartial. Political parties have no right to criticize Supreme Court or judges who themselves refer their matters to courts. Confrontation between PTI and government is all time high, no one is willing to talk to eachother, with only option to settle matters through the courts, when decision is announced by courts start accusing judges. With no opposition in the parliament and losing Punjab has created lot of problems for the government leaving only option to go for early elections. Economically country has collapsed, we are begging IMF to release 1.2 billion dollars. As reported in the press many countries have refused to lend us money waiting and looking towards IMF decision. To release the pressure on rupee devaluation we badly need dollars. Banks have refused to open LC’s due to shortage of dollars.While in house fighting is on country faced unprecedented rains throughout Pakistan. Most hit area has been Baluchistan where thousands of people are affected, 146 people are reported to have died. Heavy rains have destroyed the infrastructure badly; houses have been washed away. There has been total collapse of administrative machinery. PDMA not seen anywhere. As usual the army and navy conducting relief operations, providing them food and medicines.
Rain is a regular feature in Pakistan, we have seen how posh locality of defense was hit badly, people suffered badly with no relief. Gutters posed great problem and there being no outlet streets including main bazaars were badly affected. Roads at places have disappeared causing great inconvenience to people, and commuters, situation turned bad to worst due to electric failure with feeders tripping. Hub Dam posing great threat to Karachi as water has exceeded the dangerous limit.
While this was happening Gen Bajwa made a personal phone call to Deputy Secretary of State to press on IMF to release our instalment to avoid possible default. This has been widely criticized by certain quarters and media as it is exclusive domain of the government. Prime Minister has come out with statement that he asked COAS to speak to Deputy Secretary of state to put pressure on IMF, in any case it was in bad taste and uncalled for call, this is going to have long term consequences. Since establishment has declared its neutrality in political matters therefore proper caution should have been exercised but COAS coming to the help of the government making phone call has not been received well.
Imran Khan trouble is not yet over. In a much long awaited foreign funding case ECP in a unanimous decision has announced its verdict saying IK received foreign funding from 34 foreigners and submitted false affidavit as a consequence has issued show cause notice and has sent copy of decision to government of Pakistan for further necessary action. This all shall ultimately be aiming to ban the party and disqualify IK to hold public office. PTI has rejected the decision and decided to file appeal in the Supreme Court.Unfortunately for government and PTI the only issue country facing is to ditch one another whereas main worry should have been how to provide relief to flood affected areas of Baluchistan and Southern Punjab. People are literally starving have no food and dying of hunger. No one is worried in controlling inflation and falling rupee depreciation. It is now absolutely clear that government is bent upon to systematically destroy Pakistan economically. Our imports have exceeded 80 billion dollars, what is the wisdom in once again allowing imports of luxury goods that were banned few days back. We continue suffer due to lack of vision and foresight. All political parties are bent upon to take Pakistan to river of no return. So much so we have put Pakistan on sale. Most of our assets have already been privatized and rest earning enterprises have been included in the disposal list to anybody who offers money. That is no way running the country. People are getting disappointed with IK policies that so far had only targeted Nawaz and Zardari and is least pushed about country. The media continues to pitch politicians against each other and least interested in highlighting the plight and havoc caused due to floods. Government is happy as they have not faced any protest from people like Sri Lanka perhaps due to lack of interest in politics, frustration and demoralization. Politicians in the larger interest of state wake up to the ground realities before they explode.