Post-pandemic world

The outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic has severely left its marks on socioeconomic and political spheres of life. It has compelled the countries and international institutions to rethink their policies. Even though the vaccines for Coronavirus are developed and distributed around the world, nevertheless the ongoing waves of cruel pandemic are frightening the masses coupled with the prospect of looming large global economic crises around the world.
Although, the developing countries have faced minimal losses than developed countries comparatively, if the virus hits them massively, their poor health infrastructure, political stability and already fragile economies will be devastated at an unprecedented scale. The tensions between center and provinces will rise over the imposition of lockdown. The restrictions on thousands of people, who work on daily wages in order to meet basic requirements, will lead to unbearable economic shocks and political instabilities in developing countries.
The powerful countries will reshape the world order after learning the lessons from democratic and totalitarian regimes in handling the current pandemic. But it is not clear how exactly the post pandemic world order will be redesigned. Will powerful nations repeat post World War II tradition, where the front runner nations constructed the international order and enforced it to the rest of the world without consulting the masses of other countries.
The multilateral institutions will face heavy criticism due to their lesser performance during the pandemic. The countries will lack their interest and fund reluctantly to international institutions that already worked more for the interests of their major contributors rather than mutual interests. Such institutions will come under strong and serious evaluations because of their inability to prevent conflicts, disasters, and their failure to forecast and frustrate the ongoing pandemic.
The hospital and health-based infrastructure will undergo phenomenal changes in developed and developing countries alike. The developed nations will fund medical scientists and enhance clinical technology to combat the diseases and viruses in future effectively. The new drugs and medicines will be developed on the horizon that will make the disease easier to treat. On the other hand, developing countries will fulfill the basic health facilities in the hospitals. The death of medical and surgical equipment along with the recruitment of more doctors and health workers will be fulfilled in order to provide basic health necessities to the public.
Human liberty – the product of many sacrifices and the most valuable asset of modern civilization is in a heavy danger by pandemic and its consequences. The restrictions on travel, tourism and flow of ideas freely have deteriorated the state of human liberty.
It is now becoming clear that the post pandemic world will never be the same as it was in 2019, as it has shaken the global economy, international order, the lifestyle and the living standard of people in many ways. The post pandemic world will be the new struggle to beat socioeconomic, financial and political setbacks for survival in this highly changing world.

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