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Postponement of elections: Insanity

Go anywhere, sit anywhere, travel anywhere, meet anyone, talk to anyone, go to any restaurant, go in any meeting, attend marriages, visit patients in clinics, and people visiting you just have these questions. What is happening in Pakistan? why it is happening? what ultimately is going to happen? Will elections take place on 8 Feb.? If elections held will PTI be allowed to participate? These questions are in every body’s mind right from common man to top people sitting in corridors of power. People are dumb founded due to governments leaning towards one party, but there is no one to give answer to these questions. The caretakers were installed to hold elections on 8 Feb 2024, but they are doing everything except preparing for elections with no realization of the consequences. There are jet dark clouds of uncertainties hoovering over our heads but no one is worried. Deeper you dig more you drown yourself in river of no return. Middle and lower middle class virtually merged and is most worried and affected due to prevailing political crisis and ever rising inflation. Now only two classes exist. Extremely rich and extremely poor. Extremely rich seen waiting for turn outside 5 star restaurants and extremely poor seen lined up around Sailani’s free food outlets. That’s the real story of emerging Pakistan. It is very much clear that power brokers experience of installing governments over the years has not been successful because after some time beneficiary starts disobeying orders of his installer and invites his wrath gets destabilized and ultimately loses the crown and finds himself in unending troubles in the shape of cases. Experience has proved time and again this system ultimately fails. Zia brining Junejo a simple and honest person with no scandal and then sacking him without any reason. Musharraf installing Zafarullah Khan Jamali then sacking him. Bajwa bringing IK later removing him through vote of no confidence. Installing Shahbaz was a grand failure. Now once again NS, this circus goes on but no lessons learned. Traditionally Prime Ministers in Pakistan are not allowed to complete their tenure’s. Majority of the politicians lack confidence and always need crutches of the establishment to run the governments. This single factor has pushed country towards destabilization making establishment supreme and strong then crying over civil supremacy. They keep telling the people they are on one page whereas it has never been the case. Frankly speaking there has always been unknown fear with our politicians about establishment interference which in fact is self-created therefore it stays on and they fail to gain confidence.
This time with the change of government all speculations and assessments made about IK failed and he became popular overnight, hence it ended up in open confrontation. This is what exactly happened in 1970 elections reports prepared by various intelligence agencies about the result of elections was totally wrong that ultimately resulted in the dismemberment of the country when Shaikh Mujeeb won all the seats in former East Pakistan to form the government without any help of other parties. We have seen all efforts to downplay PTI bringing party loyalists making them give statements abandoning party and making accusations against its chairman has not worked well and people by and large are not impressed. Taking away symbol of Bat is not only against Ik but denying right of vote to millions of his followers and depriving party from reserve woman seats. In fact, such activities damage the credibility of ECP and have further increased sympathy for IK and his popularity graph is flying higher and higher. We should never forget that political rivals can only be defeated politically and all other measures adopted ultimately fail and prove counterproductive. We have an example of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was eliminated from politics and ultimately hanged in controversial judgement as deposed now by former CJ Nasim Hassan who said he was under pressure but practically Shaheed Bhutto remains alive. People somehow or the other are sticking to IK narrative in spite of many blunders committed by him during his tenure. Under the prevailing conditions what is the best solution for the country. If there is will there is way. 16 Senators bill passed for delaying election is joke of the century as it has no legal standing. Why Chairman senate presided over the session when there was no quorum? Government at all cost should avoid political engineering. The only and the best solution is to hold free fair and transparent elections on 8 Feb and ignore all voices who want the elections to be delayed as they cannot face the voters. Elections have already been delayed negating the constitution of Pakistan. Postponement of elections is another form of rigging. Actually it is the worst form because this exercise is in vain. Once the people have decided to support an idea no amount of rigging can stand and challenge the power of the people. Let the people vote, let their vote decide who rules and let this country breathe the air of sanity.