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Power rates increased as well on account of September 2023 FCA

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s gas and power regulators on Wednesday jacked up the prices of the two significant necessities, making life further difficult for the inflation-hit people of the country.
The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) notified a substantial increase in the prices of natural gas effective from November 1 this year, “in accordance with the policy guidelines of the federal government” – meeting yet another condition set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the release of its $710 million second tranche.
While the tariff for protected consumers, who make up 57% of the domestic users, remains unchanged, there has been a significant adjustment in the fixed monthly charges for this category – from the existing Rs10 to Rs400 per month. This will  jump the annual bill of this category by up to 150%.
For non-protected consumers, the charges have been divided into two slabs. The first category, using up to 1.5 cubic hectometers (hm3), has seen an increase from Rs460 to Rs1,000. For the second category, using above 1.5 hm3, the rate has been raised from Rs460 to Rs2,000.
For residential consumers who are not protected, a significant increase has been notified in gas rates. The rates will rise by 50% to Rs300 per metric million British thermal unit (mmbtu) for consumption of up to 0.25 hm3, double to Rs600 per mmbtu for up to 0.6 hm3, and surge by 150% to Rs1,000 for up to 1 hm3.
A substantial hike of 173% was made in the slab of those using up to 3 hm3, where the prices will skyrocket to Rs3,000 per mmbtu from the current Rs1,100.
The tariff for bulk consumption has been increased by a quarter from Rs1,600 per mmbtu to Rs2,000.
However, the special commercial category (tandoors) will remain unchanged at Rs697 per mmbtu.
For commercial consumers, a significant tariff hike of over 136% was notified, raising the rate to Rs3,900 per mmbtu.