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President Alvi confers Lifetime Achievement Award on famous journalist Ehsan Qureshi

Special Correspondent

KARACHI: President Dr. Arif Alvi honored renowned sports journalist Ehsan Qureshi with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award at the Karachi Festival of Books and Libraries (KFBL) ceremony, held at the Sindh Governor’s House, Saturday.
Ehsan Qureshi was acknowledged for his outstanding contributions to journalism, particularly for his extensive coverage of cricket and sports events and authorship. With a career spanning 32 years at the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) and contributions to publications like Daily Dawn, Qureshi’s expertise has left an indelible mark on the sports journalism landscape.
Having covered seven 50-over Cricket World Cups, Olympics, Asian and South Asian Games, as well as events like the Hockey Champions Trophy and World Snooker Championships, Qureshi’s dedication and passion for sports reporting have been unmatched.
Moreover, Qureshi’s impact extends beyond reporting, as he has authored nine cricket books and compiled the first-ever Pakistan Snooker book in 1983, showcasing his commitment to documenting and preserving sporting history.
President Alvi commended writer’s significant role in enriching the nation’s literary and historical landscape through writings. Emphasizing the importance of cultivating a strong book culture, Alvi highlighted how books serve as vehicles for spreading knowledge and preserving cultural heritage.
The recognition of Ehsan Qureshi at the KFBL ceremony not only celebrates his individual achievements but also underscores the broader significance of literature and journalism in shaping society’s understanding and appreciation of sports and its cultural significance.