Presidential election – Final show of power by PTI

Opposition parties are confused and in disarray and continues to be divided on national issues. What happened before elections and what has been the result after elections has certainly unnerved the PPP and PML N specially PMLN. I remember watching TV interview of former Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi who in spite of being the PM openly said that Nawaz Sharif is the real Prime Minister. While talking to media he made a very sweeping statement that soon PML N shall emerge victorious in July elections with handsome majority. My immediate reaction was that PM seems to be ignorant about the ground realities secondly Allah does not like people proud hearted.
Opposition parties are shell shocked on rejection by voters and has broken the myth of status quo after 71 years. The people of Pakistan were hijacked by group of politicians who are now facing corruption charges. It is on record whenever the governments of PPP and PML N were dismissed the major charge has mostly been of corruption coupled with poor governance etc. As predicted PTI fetched maximum votes as a result has formed governments at the centre, KPK and Baluchistan and got 13 seats from province of Sind and are in position to sit on opposition benches with their own leader of the opposition.
The two major political parties PML N and PPP were not on the same page to field consensus candidate against Prime Ministers slot. Close door and open door meetings failed to motivate PPP to vote Shahbaz Sharif as candidate for the slot of Prime Minister and boycotted the election. Once again there are major differences on the nomination of President. PPP has nominated Aitzaz Ahsan a highly qualified and competent a seasoned politician for the slot of President but PML N does not agree to this proposal. PML N Parvez Rashid made a very funny statement when he demanded that Aitzaz should first apologize from PML N that in any case can never be done. Asif Zardari has refused to budge as for as nomination of Aitzaz candidature for President is concerned.
It appears that opposition shall mostly remain divided except where their personal interests are involved, they shall all join hands. It has just been hardly 10 days or so opposition has become very active in criticizing each and every action of the government, which appears un realistic. It is true that people have lot of expectations from PTI and undoubtedly they have made many promises but we have to wait at least for 6 to 12 months to see its implementations. Some anchors are also busy in criticizing every act of PTI without realizing they look funny on such situations and ridicule themselves
In democracy it is the number count that matters no matter how the numbers are arranged. This system has its own advantages and disadvantages. When adopted by government it is always in the best interest of the nation and if the members from government joins opposition it is against national interested and is declared Lota.
Although after 18th amendment in the constitution role of president is restricted to a ceremonial head hardly seen except on few national events or if allowed by the Prime Minister may go on foreign trip, but if it is from PTI politically it means a lot. Let us see how the president is elected and who is going to be the next President o Pakistan. In all probabilities Mr. Arif Alvi of PTI shall wear the crown. Mr. Alvi is founder member of PTI and stood firm when MQM reigned in Karachi. He risked his life for the party therefore if he has been nominated for the slot of President; he deserved it more than anybody else.
Electoral College comprises of Members National Assembly, Senators and Members of all the provincial assemblies. Members of National Assembly , Senate and Baluchistan Assembly have one vote each but in case of Sind, Punjab and KPK assemblies total number of seats are divided by 65 and whatever is the result that figure constitutes one vote. Punjab Assembly comprises of 370 members when you divide by 65 the figure comes 5.70 that means that 5.70 members equals one vote. Accordingly Sind has 2.8 and KPK 1.90
National assembly has 342 seats, Senate 104 all the four assemblies 4×65 equals to 706 so this comprises Electoral College. Out of 342 National assembly seats 12 are vacant so the total reduces to 330 for which election will be held soon.
Let us see the PTI and Opposition strength for the presidential election. PTI has 176 in NA, Senate 25, Punjab 33, Sind 26, KPK 45; Baluchistan 41 all combined total 346. Opposition has 150 in NA, Senate 68, Punjab 30, Sind 38, KPK 18, Baluchistan 16 it comes to 320. NA has 4 Independents, Senate 11, Punjab 1, Sind 1, KPK 1 and Baluchistan 4 it comes to 22. Three Senators and 2 MNA’s has joined PTI so their total becomes 349 even if all independents join opposition shall fail to reach winning figure.It is reported that sizeable number of independents are ready to join PTI, so Mr. Arif Alvi shall have no problem and become President of Pakistan
In a latest move as last bid Maulana Fazalur Rahman has also come up for President Slot but with reservations. But what a choice? It appears that PPP may not agree to this alternative and we may witness action replay as happened in the election of Prime Minister. It is very strange that PTI has hardly settled and criticism is at the peak by vested anchors who tried their best to influence the voters against PTI during the elections but they were all disappointed and are left with no option to continue criticizing PTI government but that is not going to have any effect because they are fully exposed. In the words of Marcus Aurelius ” When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him, and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man”

The writer is a freelance
journalist and defence Analyst.

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