PTI tops with 357010 votes on 5 NA seats in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Peshawar has proved an election base camp for Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf (PTI) from where its MNAs elect secured 357,010 votes in all five national assembly seats in the provincial capital of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
PTI has outclassed all political parties including MMA, ANP, PPPP and ANP during 2018 general election in Peshawar and clinched all five national assembly seats from here after obtaining maximum 357010 votes followed by MMA with 170727 votes, ANP with 103093 votes, PMLN with 32496 votes and PPPP with 46094 votes respectively, according to ECP.
On NA-27 Peshawar-I, PTI’s MNA elect Noor Alam Khan has secured 71,158 votes followed by 39,310 votes obtained by runner up Ghulam Ali of MMA, 24,002 votes by PPPP Asma Alamgir and 6,615 votes bagged by Tahir Nadeem of ANP.
Similarly, on NA-28 Peshawar-II, PTI MNA elect Arbab Amir Ayub Khan clinched victory after obtaining 74,414 votes followed by runner up Sabir Hussain Awan of MMA with 27,292 votes, Safi Akbar of ANP with 22096 votes and Muhammad Intikhab Chamkani of PMLN with 7,010 votes respectively.
On NA-29 Peshawar-III, PTI MNA elect Nasir Khan Musazai has secured 49,762 votes followed by MMA Muhammad Naeem 29,357 votes, Arbab Kamal of ANP with 20,392 votes and PMLN Amir Muqam 15,458 votes respectively.
Likewise, on NA-30 Peshawar-IV, PTI MNA-elect Sher Ali Arbab secured 73781 votes whereas MMA’s Arbab Najeeb Khan stood second with 18,111 votes, Muhammad Alamgir Khalil of ANP with 11,514 votes, PMLN Muhammad Junaid with 3,799 votes and Arbab Alamgir Khan of PPP with 14,593 votes.
On NA-31, PTI MNA elect, Haji Shaukat Ali has clinched maximum 87,895 votes followed by veteran politician Ghulam Ahmed Bilour of ANP with 42,476 votes, MMA Sadique Paracha 11,615 votes, PPPP Akunzada Irfanullah Shah with 7,499 votes and PMLN Muhammad Nadeem 3,093 votes respectively.
The ECP had declared results of 96 constituencies out of total 97 seats of KP Assembly according to which PTI has clinched victory on 66 seats while MMA, ANP, PML-N, and PPP won on 10, 06, 05, and 04 seats respectively.
Sources in PTI has informed that MPA elect Atif Khan, Muhammad Ishtiaq Urmar and Shaukat Yousafzai were emerged strong candidates for the coveted slot of Chief Minister KP. However, final decision would be taken by Imran Khan.
Nasir Khan Musai, PTI MNA elect from NA-29 Peshawar told state-run media that different names of PTI MPAs elect are being considered for slot of Chief Minister KP and name of CM KP would be announced after approval of Imran Khan.
He said unwavering stand adopted by PTI Chief Imran Khan against menace of corruption and status- quo in politics besides better performance of PTI government in KP had largely contributed to landslide victory of PTI in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
Musazai said PTI led coalition Government during last five years in KP had introduced goal- oriented reforms by curbing corruption, improved good-governance, made police force apolitical and enhanced standard of education and health services across the province.
Musazai said PTI Govt was the first provincial government in all federating units when it had established KP Ehestab Commission (KPEC) to wipe out corruption besides strengthened KP police, resulting significant improvement in law and order situation in KP.
He said PTI Government was the first elected government in the province history when it has planted over billion trees during last five years to offset the negative effects of climate change and global warming that was appreciated not only in the country but also internationally.
The PTI leader said the recent historic success in election was possible due to 22 years long struggle of PTI chief Imran Khan.
He said Imran Khan is a symbol of hope for people of Pakistan and would fulfill all promises made with people.
Musazai said Imran Khan’s first address to the nation after election had touched the hearts and minds of people of Pakistan and was being appreciated at nationally and internationally.
Asked about opposition APC, the PTI leader regretted over stance of opposition parties especially of MMA, saying if opposition wins election it is transparent and if PTI secured victory hue and cry is being made.
However, Musazai appreciated the stance of big political parties of opposition especially of PPPP and PMLN to sit in the Parliament. He expressed the hope that MMA leadership would review their decision and allow their MNAs and MPAs elect to take oath in the Parliament.
He feared split over MMA on boycott of Parliament and MNA and MPAs elect of the five religious alliance may trigger revote against the decision of not taking oath as announced by Maulana Fazlur Rehman.
To another question, Musazai said consultation process in formation of government in centre, KP and Punjab has entered into last phase and reiterated to form government in KP, Punjab and Centre as PTI has achieved majority. – NNI

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