PTI’s internal affairs getting worst

On the one hand the PTI government is facing tough time from collation partners on other hand its internal circumstances not different earlier in the Parliamentary party meeting chaired by PM Imran Khan was talk of the town when PTI lawmakers criticized each other and legislators lashed out the Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, Saifullah Niazee, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and the economic team, saying that PM has been kept in the dark about the problems faced by the masses especially in Karachi.
PTI lawmakers from Karachi expressed displeasure over delay in implementation of Karachi Transformation Plan worth Rs1.1 trillion and had a long list of grievances against Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Karachi’s PTI President Khurram Sheer Zaman. MNA Najeeb Haroon has accepted that there were voices of grouping in the party in Sindh, as the game of interests is going on, criticizing the Karachi plan in the meeting, he maintained that nothing will happen till 2023, and the drains will not be clean. Najeeb Haroon had already resigned in April 2020 due to unavailability of funds and as legislator was not being taken into confidence that time PM Imran Khan has assigned the task to Governor Sindh Imran Ismail to woo him.
PTI Sindh lawmakers are angry with their own ministers as Karachi’s legislators say that they are facing ‘ruthless’ discrimination as their constituencies are still being ignored in terms of development projects nor their problems being addressed nor being given chance to discuss with PM.
The legislators belonging to Karachi keep saying that the metropolis has been ignored for years, the city has an important role in the country’s economic growth but why is it not being given proper attention? It is said that the PTI government has given enough space to Karachiites in cabinet but as far as the civic issues of the city are concerned not being tackled seriously.
As per details several lawmakers criticized the role of unelected lawmakers in the federal cabinet; PTI leaders lamented that they would “run away,” leaving the elected representatives having to face the people with the results of their policies. PTI lawmakers also want all ministers to be made accountable for their poor performance. The ground realities were much worse than what was being claimed in press conferences and media statements. It has been difficult to face people and respond to them.
PTI legislators are demanding accountability of the ministers and said that the people are not getting anything like pulses and sugar, while the prime minister’s advisers and ministers are showing ‘Sabz Bagh’ (all ok), while Abdul Hafeez Shaikh used to say the same thing in 2008.
As per details PTI legislators also asked the prime minister to review the role of technocrats in the cabinet. They also advised that besides technocrats, all ministers should also be made accountable for their “low” performance. As Wheat flour, pulses, sugar and other essential items are not available in the market while the PM’s advisers are painting a rosy picture of stability in the economy.
In June 2020 the MNAs from Karachi had already aired their grievances to the prime minister and demanded their redressal. Some of their grievances were related to lack of opportunities to meet the prime minister, no say in the affairs of the government and non-availability of basic facilities in their areas. After spending one in half years nothing was done to address the issues.
As per Karachi’s PTI lagistator Karachi Transformation Plan, a plan to change the destiny of Karachi. After 6 decades, the welfare of the people will be restored, the people of Karachi will be privileged now political leadership and law enforcement agencies are on one page for Karachi mega project. Because of law enforcement the peace was restored and the impact of restoration of peace, being the reason Pakistan’s economic lifeline’s glory back. The ongoing development work is due to the improvement in the security situation in Karachi. The city’s glory has been restored through the tireless work and sacrifices of law enforcement agencies. . Now it’s time to give proper attention to revolutionize infrastructure so that Karachi may be made like other developed countries in infrastructure including transport & civics.

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