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Raees Qureshi hosts a dinner in Dubai in honour of EMRA UAE officials and members

Special Correspondent

DUBAI (UAE): A ceremonial dinner was arranged in Dubai at a local hotel by seasoned lawyer Makhdoom Raees Qureshi Advocate to honor the newly elected officials and members of EMRA UAE. The esteemed guest at this event was Salim Sultan, the Passport Consul from the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai.
During the gathering, Makhdoom Raees Qureshi expressed that the EMRA members are committed to persisting in addressing the issues faced by overseas Pakistanis while also striving to counter any negative propaganda against their beloved country and the Muslim community at the international level.
The speakers extended their congratulations to the Emra UAE members and conveyed their best wishes. As part of the event, the host, Makhdoom Raees Qureshi, presented gifts and honorary shields to both the EMRA team and the attending guests.
Beyond the Emra UAE team, prominent figures from the Pakistani business community graced the occasion, including Mian Munir Hans, president of the People’s Party Gulf and Middle East, Nisar Malik, Syed Mukhtar, Zeeshan Ahmed from Pakistan International Airlines Dubai, Barrister Ali Rais, Izzat Ali, Syed Muhammad Ali, Makhdoom Naveed, Muhammad Rafiq Manzoor, Muhammad Qasim Abbas, Manzoor Bhatti, and others.