Rapid raise in petrol prices puts strains on economy

KARACHI: KATI) President Salman Aslam has rejected the government’s decision to increase petrol by PKR 24 and diesel by PKR 56, says a Press release.
The continuous rise in the prices has not only putting financial strains on the poor but also it gives them mental stress that reflects in their productivity. It shut down industries and created a storm of unemployment in the country.
Salman Aslam said that the energy prices put pressure on labor class in number of ways as most of labor class travel in public transport which use diesel as fuel, so when price of diesel increase it also increase the fare of public transport and cause the burden on common man.
On the other side due to rise in energy prices food inflation increases and it also increase utility bills that put financial burden on the common man.
The president also added that in such scenario if the energy prices continue to increase like this for next three months than consequences would become more severe not only for the lower and middle income group but also for business community.
The rise price will also increase the transportation cost for the freight carrier to transport goods, the shipper is charged more to transport those goods to make up for the increased costs.
President KATI demanded the government to immediately start project of renewable energy resources as their completion required long time to become operational.
He also appreciated the announcement of Wind and Solar energy project by Sindh Government.