Re-facing of government’s classrooms structure is theneed of time: Wali Shah

TFD Report

KARACHI: Education is the most powerful weapon. We need to equip our students with the quality of education so that they are able to compete in the world on the economic, political, educational, and technological fronts, CEO Projector Union Wali Shah tells TFD.
Projector Union is one of the leading IT company in Pakistan who introduced digital teaching system in 1999/2000 in Karachi & proud to introduce the trend of multimedia screen projection in all leading schools & Universities, since they have seen the government educational institutions are not much in technology as compare the private sector, so they took vision to transform government’s educational sector into the digital frame work from the ancient teaching methodology.
Shah says’ Various factors are responsible for the lack of a proper education system in Pakistan, including absence of infrastructure, proper planning, expert teachers, and modern teaching techniques, coupled with the presence of a robust curriculum and an enabling learning environment.
Among other things, Pakistan has failed to modernize its education system, emphasis on modern technology may be misleading, but majority of the public schools in Pakistan lack even the basic facilities. Our education system is facing a paucity of resources as 89% of the educational budget is allocated for salaries of teachers and staff and only 11% is left for development.
Wali Shah pointed Existing educational infrastructure is facing wear and tear of the years neglect further aggravated by conflicts, natural disasters and ever rising number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) – big contributing factors of low enrollment and persistently high drop-out rate. The total estimate is calculated that around 10.8 million girls are out of school whereas around 9.2 million boys are out of school.
Education has become a pronounced talking point in the global development discourse of the 21st century. Cognizant of the fact, Pakistan is ushering a new era of renewed interest in the long neglected education sector, realizing that the tone of future growth and development are set by provision of quality, accessible, inclusive, and safe education.
As we embark on the new sustainable development goals, pressure is mounting on all the stakeholders in the education sector to show results.
It has also been observed that the majority of students have quit education due to non-interest and the government educational institutions are not taking required steps to flourish the structure.
The barriers in using technology in education are Lack of resources, including time, access to equipment and technical support. Lack of technology skills and knowledge, specifically in pedagogy and classroom management. Institutional barriers, including leadership, class scheduling and school planning.
Shah says’ “in this regard feeling the responsibility we would like to sincerely assist all the provincial governments to modernize the educational institutions with technology. We can transform classrooms and may create interest and focus on every student. This move would directly impact the national literacy rate.”
He added that “We can offer equipment and services with respectively less rates for the betterment of Pakistan. Instead of taking it as general order supply we shall take it as national service. We can install a modern multimedia projection system in every classroom and centralize the system on single-click. We can upgrade every classroom according to era needs with experienced and professional engineers, technicians and IT experts. We can offer services after-sale for the next 3 years.”
We feel responsibility for the country and want to serve it with our utmost dedication and abilities, Wali Shah tells TFD. slot slot pulsa