Reflections on the rise of TLP


The Rise of the TLP and the way PTI government surrendered was so apologetic that it was surprising to everyone. Yes, every religious party or group who resorts to militancy one way or another get support of Pindi-wallahs. But it is their strategy and not ideology that makes them extend their support to such militants. What happened during general Zia’s days was that our prime Agencies were neck deep involved in the Afghan war because of their huge interest that later they even attacked not only the president Musharraf but also the GHQ.
But during General Musharraf and even post GPM days they tried their best to clear out these elements which was mainly because of their own interest as the institution consists of the privileged class. So, maybe one section may bd backing TLP but the reliable source says that it is not a powerful section that is patronizing these people.
We have had the past experience of Lal Masjid in 2007 when the heart of Islamabad was turned into a Battleground between the militants and the security forces. Hundreds of lives were lost on both sides.
The reason to look back in the past at the Lal Masjid operation is because the Lahore based TLP is not getting that significant a support. Let me reiterate, yes, they are receiving huge financial support from within and outside Pakistan and a brother religious Islamic country is also watching over them.
If you closely look at the current situation, it looks indeed like it is a major threat. But in the near future, I do not think if they will become an even bigger threat for the State like Jayesh, Lashkar and TTP.