Renowned businessmen Siraj Teli passes away

KARACHI: Renowned businessman and former president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Siraj Kassim Teli passed away on Tuesday in Dubai.
A few days earlier he was admitted to a hospital after cardiac arrest and was later put on a ventilator due to suffering from pneumonia. Teli was pronounced dead by the doctors on Tuesday. He was 67.
He had gone to Dubai for the engagement of his son. He was the 27th president of the KCCI.
Siraj Kassim Teli was a distinguished industrialist and belonged to a renowned family that has been active in business since the inception of Pakistan. As Chairman of the Businessmen Group (BMG), Siraj Teli was recognised for his extraordinary leadership of the Business and Industrial community over the past 19 years. He brought about revolutionary and progressive changes in trade politics and in the functioning of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the SITE Association of Industry and other platforms of public service and social work.
He also served as Director of Pakistan Beverage Ltd. Apart from the beverage sector, he possessed considerable experience in textiles, dairy products and energy.
Due to Siraj Teli’s outstanding contribution to the national economy and public service, philanthropic work, and extraordinary indulgence in the Ashura incident, the then president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari conferred upon him Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2011.
He was born in 1953 in Karachi. Teli graduated from Government Commerce College in 1974. Teli was known for his blunt comments on law and order. He never shied away from speaking the truth.
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah expressed deep sorrow over the demise of Teli.
KCCI President Shahriq Vohra said Teli was a visionary and leader for all. “This is a loss for the whole of Pakistan. We are in a state of shock,” Vohra said.
Ex-KCCI chief Zubair Motiwala said Teli’s demise has created a wide gap in the leadership of the business community. “He always spoke the truth without considering the consequences,” Motiwala said.
Meanwhile, KE expresses grief over Karachi’s loss of visionary and patriotic businessman, Siraj Teli. He has been an inspiration for all Karachiites. Through his work and achievements in business, Mr. Siraj Teli was among the individuals who contributed to Karachi’s position as Pakistan’s economic hub.
Expressing his deepest condolences at Teli’s passing, Moonis Alvi, CEO K-Electric said, “Mr. Siraj Teli has steadfastly advocated for an enabling ecosystem for Pakistan’s industrial hub and has been a pivotal stakeholder and business leader for Karachi in general and K-Electric specifically. We are grieved on this loss and express our deepest sympathies and support to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”
Faisal Moiz Khan, President North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), SVP Shabbir Ismail, VP Naeem Haider, Syed Usman Ali, Syed Tariq Rasheed, Sadiq M, CEO NKIDMC, Chairman Board Faraz Mirza have expressed their grief and sorrow over the sad demise of Siraj Kassim Teli.
Tariq Road Traders Alliance have expressed their condolences on the demise of Siraj Qasim Teli, a prominent Pakistani businessman and former president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). His death has caused irreparable loss for the business community. He said that Siraj Qasim Teli was not only a Businessman but also a leading Social worker, a nice person and he has always played a vital role in the national economy.
Patron-in-Chief of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI) S.M. Muneer, President Saleem-uz-Zaman, Senior Vice President Zaki Ahmed Sharif and Vice President Nighat Awan expressed their deepest condolences and grief over the sad demise of renowned trade leader Siraj Qsim Teli and paid tribute for his services to business community.
President KATI Saleem-uz-Zaman said that from the platforms of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and SITE Association Teli always raised his voice for industrialist communities rights and issues to every possible extend. Saleem-uz-Zaman said that he would be remembered as fearless leadership of industrialist.
President EFP, Ismail Suttar, expressed sincerest condolences to the family of former President of Karachi Chambers of Commerce (KCCI), Sitara-e-Imtiaz recipient and industrial champion, Mr. Siraj Kassim Teli, on his sad passing away on 08 December 2020.
Zaki Ahmed Khan, Vice President of EFP, said that Teli was a bond between stakeholders of Karachi and a beacon of hope for destitute states that Karachi has been in the past decade.
Majyd Aziz, Former President of EFP and KCCI, in his message stated that when he along with Siraj formed the Businessmen Group (BMG) in KCCI, he saw the immense potential of a leader in the making and that in the past over 22 years, Siraj worked diligently to make KCCI a powerhouse.
The BMG, Majyd Aziz claimed, never lost even one single seat in KCCI Managing Committee elections. The personality of Siraj was overpowering and because of his honesty, integrity, and determination, many problems faced by businessmen were resolved at all levels. BMG may not be the same but the legacy of Siraj Kassim Teli will grow forever.
Muhammad Hanif Lakhany, Sr. Vice Chairman Pakistan Yarn Merchants Association (PYMA), Muhammad Farhan Ashrafi, Vice Chairman, Muhammad Usman, former Central Chairman, Khurshid A. Shaikh, former Central Chairman, M. Aslam Moten, former Zonal Vice Chairman, Danish Hanif, former Chairman, Khurram Bharara, former Vice Chairman, M. Shafi (Babu Bhai) & all Seniors of PYMA, have expressed their grief and sorrow over the sad demise of prominent industrialist Siraj Kassim Teli.
Patron Zubair Motiwala, President Abdul Hadi, Senior Vice President Riaz Uddin, Vice President Abdul Kadir Bilwani and Members of the Executive Committee of SITE Association of Industry has expressed deep sorrow & grief over the sad demise of the great Leader of the Business Community Siraj Kassim Teli. He was a former Chairman of SITE Association of Industry and crowned as Patron-in-Chief for life.
President Abdul Hadi informed that to mourn the departed soul, the office of SITE Association of Industry shall remain closed for 3 days (8,9,10 Dec 2020) for public dealing. -TLTP, PRs

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