Repercussions of an inevitable war between two superpowers China and USA


A latest debate has generated globally over the emergence of China as upcoming Super power. World leaders and analysts anticipate rise of China gaining the super power status in a nearby future.
Emergence of China as world’s No.1 economic super power has shattered and devastated USA’s pride and dream of unipolarity.
The post-cold war USA dream to rule the world single-handedly without facing any challenge via its “new world order” has badly collapsed with Chinese swift superiority worldwide on economic front.
Washington is forced to think the unthinkable after decades as its facing numerous problems in curtailing Beijing pre-eminent power in the Indo-Pacific region. China has got more than 2000 missiles and United States could ultimately consider it too costly to clash with China openly. US since long has also lost its monopoly on long-range precision weapons. American naval vessels do not have the strike power to confront warships in the open sea, as well as its air force lacks stealthy, long-range missiles for land, air and maritime strike role.
Militarily, China is world second super power or even ahead of USA in many fields. Washington planning to spend $24.7 billion to surround China with a new “missile rampart” deployed in Asian allied countries The main reason behind USA and China’s escalating tensions is Sinophobia unleashed by the current US ruling elite, US President Joe Biden, promised to “win” the 21st century in what he has portrayed as a “battle” between democracies and autocracies and has pointed to Chinese activities that according to US perception are damaging the international order”. US secretary of state Antony Blinken warned that the US would work with allies and partners to hold China accountable for threatening regional stability.
During his first foreign policy address Joe Biden termed China as the “the most serious competitor” to the United States and vowed to “confront China’s economic superiority.
The two giant super powers of the world, US-China relations have entered new phase of “cold war” due to China’s leading and rather positive role in world politics which has threatened Washington established hegemon and hence conflicts rapidly turning into powerful adversary fueled more by the Asian countries inclination and comfort zone to work along with Beijing altering international relations scenario.
The Commander of the Northern Command of the US armed forces, General Glen VanHerck, officially stated that the United States today face “the two biggest threats, China and transnational criminal organizations”.US Commander of Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Philip Davidson has also said that he considered China “the greatest long-term strategic security threat in the 21st century”.
USA has forged a strategic alliance in the Indo-Pacific region along with India in order to collectively confront China and to maintain US influence in the Indo-Pacific region. However, China has a strongest national army with a diverse missile arsenal aimed at blocking the US military advance. China very smartly in a position to use “anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) tactics, enforced by its overwhelming and interlocking networks of missiles, to shield nefarious and aggressive actions by USA.
Beijing hold all the cards in its hands to counter-intervention system of American and allied military bases under its coordinated missile salvos. China’s secretive submarines have the potential to wreak havoc upon the region’s hegemonic economies. China’s advanced missiles system outnumber US, Australian and Japanese aircraft and ships. China’s fighter planes have the capability to roam greater distance. Chinese fighters and bombers like H6K can fly an extra 1500km.
China practicing impactful tactics for its national defense and sovereignty. China technologically advanced simulated attack system can manage to shut down and beat opposition command and communications networks effectively as nothing may work against it.
USA dream to wage direct war against China will have serious repercussions.
It will be a war fought like no other. “It would be fast. It would be brutal and detrimental for the existence of US and its western allies”.
A blunder to strike against China will be like no going back but the escalating tensions between China and USA indicates that unloaded gun may one day go off which may go nuclear as well.
Former American secretary of defence Robert Work once said “Whenever we have an exercise, the red force destroys our command and control, we stop the exercise.”
China growing confidence regarding its sovereignty, national interests and internal matter are being demonstrated widely by its leadership on firm basis without under the influence of any apologetic tone. Recently, defense minister, Wei Fenghe, asserted that the assimilation of Taiwan was Beijing’s “greatest national interest” – and that no foreign force could prevent this “reunification”.
President Xi Jinping while addressing the 100th anniversary of CPC gave clear cut message to USA and said “No one should underestimate the great resolve, the strong will, and the extraordinary ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity!”
“Chinese people will never allow foreign bullying, oppressing, or subjugating. Anyone who dares try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel, forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people,” he warned.
Hence, under these circumstance analysts advise to adopt constraint for both the sides China and USA to opt for constructive dialogues via confidence building and crisis management through concrete diplomatic and military measures.