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Right time to heal wounds of Afghanistan

Pakistan is facing great economic challenges besides affected by climate changes and above all attacks by TTP that forced the government to send back Afghan nationals back to Afghanistan living illegally in different cities of Pakistan since Russian invasion in Afghanistan in 1979. The total number of refugees range over 3 million. It is also true that Europe is also facing problem of refugees arriving from different countries. France, Italy, Germany and UK taking tough measures to repatriate refugees arriving from different countries. Pakistan has been magnanimous in accommodating all types including illegal refugees and given them enough time to return to their homeland. However, Pakistan is fully cooperating with Afghan government. The sudden and abrupt withdrawal of US forces in August 2021 created many problems and once again Pakistan accepted large number of refugees who crossed over to Pakistan along with militants who started creating problems. Afghanistan is a Muslim country and is our neighbor. Pakistan continues to render all type of help and assistance and allowing freely transit facilities
At present Afghanistan is facing acute humanitarian crisis. No food no shelter, winter season has made life of specially women and children miserable, it’s going to further aggravate as we move into full winter.
With 28.3 million people in need, Afghanistan is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. The 2023 Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) has requested $4.6 billion. Afghanistan remains most humanitarian crisis filled country even after two years of the withdrawal of allied troops, and despite massive amounts of humanitarian assistance poured into the country, enormous humanitarian needs remain to be attended. At present Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and need in 2023-24 include drought, climate change, protection threats (particularly for women and girls) and the economic crisis”
On Oct. 7, 2023, two separate 6.3-magnitude earthquakes near Herat in Afghanistan’s northwest caused significant damage and killed thousands. Another earthquake shook Herat Province on Oct. 11, resulting in further damage. The Herat Earthquake Response Plan from UN and humanitarian partners asks for $93.6 million to support 114,000 earthquake-affected people in Herat. According to the 2023 Women, Peace and Security Index, Afghanistan ranks worst of 177 countries in terms of the status of women. “Since 2021, Afghanistan has ranked the worst in the world to be a woman. Afghan women wake up each day to no jobs, no education and no autonomy over women. In November 2022, the Taliban ordered judges in the country to fully impose their interpretation of Sharia Law, which experts fear will lead to a further deterioration of human rights in Afghanistan.
In December 2022, the Taliban announced a ban on Afghan women working in NGOs. The Taliban went further in April 2023 when it said Afghan women employed with the UN mission could no longer report for work, prompting the organization to review its presence in the country.
The Spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on April 5, 2023, “The Secretary-General strongly condemns the Taliban’s decision to ban Afghan women from working with the United Nations in Afghanistan. This is a violation of the inalienable fundamental human rights of women.”
Women workers are critical to humanitarian operations in Afghanistan, and the ban has negative consequences. As UN Women survey of humanitarian partners released on Feb. 8, 2023 showed that 93% of organizations saw an increased impact on their access to affected women. As NGOs suspend or scale back their operations, they warn that thousands of Afghans will miss out on lifesaving humanitarian assistance.
In July 2023, the Taliban continued to expand restrictions on women by announcing that beauty salons would be closed. The same month, Ministry of Higher Education decided only males would be taking university entrance exams.
Until the ban is reversed, some NGOs are forced to decide whether to continue operations based on assurances from the Taliban government.
Immediate needs during a complex humanitarian emergency include emergency shelter, food, water, sanitation and hygiene, evacuation support, family reconnection, health care. It is so unfortunate that no country has given official recognition to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, where as unofficially diplomacy is going on. It is time that Afghanistan is given due recognition so that aid from all countries start pouring in to save costly lives. Nevertheless, whether outside world extends help or not it Is time that Pakistan being immediate neighbor should extend maximum help to sufferers who are hard hit by the winter season specially women and children. Western aid has been suspended due to inclusion of designated terrorists in Afghan government. This is the right time for Pakistan to provide shelter and food to people who are living under extreme difficult conditions when the world is not moved.