Rising and unstoppable China

Lately China came to limelight in the world due to sudden spread of coronavirus that was detected first time in Wuhan city of China, and later it engulfed the entire world. Since US suffered maximum deaths Trump straightway blamed China without bothering about its consequences and ultimately it was the China who met with all the successes.There is no doubt the way China controlled this pandemic by observing lock down it became model for the rest of the world and they also adopted the same technique that of China and were able to control it. One can imagine the devastation and damage it could cause to population of over 1.5 billion. China shared their success with other countries, gave all type of help and assistance especially to Pakistan in the shape of ventilators, masks, special dresses for doctors and para medical staff.Much before the spread
of coronavirus China preferred to stay away from world politics, but kept eye on the situation and believes in minding own business focus on the well being of the people, due to their excellent policies now you find everywhere China as focus of world politics.Undoubtedly China has economically dominated the world market and doing roaring business. While this was happening a war of words between US and China appeared on the surface and was termed as Trade War. Before the outbreak of Covid-19 relations between China and US saw confrontation that further escalated after the outbreak of coronavirus can be termed as cold war we witnessed earlier in 1979. Donald Trump trying to blame China on the spread of Covid-19 was duly rejected by China as they also suffered and it was policy of lock down that brought relief. US made lot of attempts to provoke China but they stood firm and brushed aside all the theories, but this certainly can be termed as shift in US foreign policy. It has two dimensions firstly China has certainly emerged as great economic power which has disturbed US, secondly Donald Trump is running for the presidency for the second time wants to impress people of US by sending strong message to China, but it is not going to work anymore because China continues to exhibit calm and not retaliating but globally gaining importance. US by now must have understood that it is only China that can challenge his Supremacy. But what is worrying US is that China is economically very strong and therefore maintaining largest army in the world with most sophisticated arms technology enjoys status of great nuclear armed country.It has highest population in the world with around 1.5 billion people who are united under their leadership who are busy in making China as Super Power.US continues China bashing to impress their people to influence coming elections but it will not help as majority of the people of US are fed up with the presidents policies. US also accused WHO siding with China the claim was rejected by WHO in fact WHO praised Chinese efforts in controlling this virus and its help to other countries to control coronavirus and medical assistance that is what is agitating US.US threatened WHO to stop siding with China otherwise their funds will be stopped. Since US contributes 40 percent towards funds towards WHO and to put them under difficulties Donald Trump stopped funding the WHO without any justification. Many countries criticised Trump on this decision. Apart from this Trump against all diplomatic norms imposed fresh taxes on Chinese goods but China very tactfully handled the situation, instead having direct clash tactfully handled the situation and concentrated more on BRI (Belt Road Initiative) that is spread in Europe, Pacific Asia and CPEC is part of the project. China is second biggest economic power and 50 percent manufactured goods are made in China interestingly reach of everyone.Unlike Donald Trump who speaks more but China talks less and concentrate more on work.
Chinese leadership gradually making in roads globally and some of the latest developments by China has been welcomed by most of the countries. What happened in Galwan valley should open eyes of the world that China shall never compromise when it comes to principled politics. The eastern end consisting of Aksai plains is claimed by India as part of Ladakh captured by China in 1962. Until August 2019 Ladakh was region of Jammu &Kashmir annexed illegally by Modi in union territory.On 15 June a minor clash occurred in Galwan valley in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed besides wounding over 70 in the hope to recapture lost territory. Galwan valley is located on the Chinese side of the actual line of control, the common border.Good sense prevailed and India had to accept the Chinese claim. China having big heart agreed to talk on the issue. At present status quo has been maintained.Second setback to India has been Iran pushing out India from Chabahar project of laying railway track and has signed agreement with China, another big jolt to India laying them off by Iran in laying gas pipe line and cancelled the agreement and this will also be undertaken by China. Now the two ports of Chabahar and Gawadar shall prove to be a good game changer for the world that is a great appreciation to China visionary leadership, that is what is now worrying US. This will help Pakistan to come closer to Iran and attend to each others reservations.It is certain that China shall wait till US elections are over, the situation is confused and is becoming difficult to predict who will win. If we go by traditions Trump may get another term.
China Iran joining hands will certainly ease down the effect of US sanctions on Iran as China shall come with heavy investment that would give tremendous relief to overall economy of Iran.Iran coming closer to China is a big shock for US, Israel,besides has given big jolt to India but will not make any difference to Iran because India had already stopped import of oil from Iran due to US sanctions. Now India has no option except to side with US,Israel and Saudi Arabia, in that case Afghanistan will have to decide whether it joins Indian camp or stand with Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran. Iran’s biggest issue is to counter US and that can only be achieved with the help of China
Let this be stated categorically that China is expected to emerge as the largest economy of the world in few years, this will otherwise compel US and its Western allies to engage China in their own interest with a country that will certainly achieve post pandemic revival in economy and meeting other challenges fairly confidently.India’s ouster from Iran’s project of Railway and Gas pipeline is blessing in disguise for Pakistan, now it is up to Pakistan how intelligently it exploits the situation but before that must attend all the reservations of Iran. We hail once again China Pak friendship
Lastly, the rise of China is unstoppable and Indian ocean is not a war fighting body but trading waters. Indian trade and use of Indian Ocean will be seriously hampered with China, Pakistan and Iran joining hands. PM Modi is facing difficult geopolitical and strategic choices and my advice to him is to give up his Hinduvta ideology and join hands with the regional countries to promote peace in the region.

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