Sahara Village Shelter Home identity of the Khidmat Khalq: Adiba

KARACHI: Adiba Hassan Member Provincial Assembly Sindh Karachi has said that Sahara Village Shelter Home is the identity of Khidmat Khalq, says a Press release.
Member Sindh Assembly Adiba Hassan Leader for Human Rights, Rukhsani Aqeel, Dr. Zubeida Chairman Endurance Club appreciated the performance of Sahara Village Shelter Home and also expressed satisfaction and happiness over better arrangements for better care and care of senior citizens and mentally handicapped persons. They also assured all possible cooperation and assistance.
Adiba Hassan said that Sahara Village Shelter Home is a trusted name and a trusted identity of serving the people.
Chairman Sahara Welfare Akbar Ali Rana while talking to the delegation said that the mission of Sahara Welfare is to share the pain and suffering of God’s people.
Give perseverance in this mission only those who have a broken heart are holding our hand in running this organization.

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