Salute paid to Kashmiris for facing endless oppression

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Global Pakistan and Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan has said that “We salute the mothers, daughters and elders of Kashmir for bearing the continuous oppression and suppression for 72 years. Their consistency in the struggle for Kashmir freedom movements shows that Indian inhumane tactics cannot break the spirit and determination of Kashmiris,” says a Press release.
149 days have passed and Kashmir has become an open-air jail due to communications blackout and lockdown. It is time for the international community to play a practical role for Kashmir.
These views were expressed by Chairman Global Pakistan Kashmir Council Raja Sikander in a dinner given by Islamabad-based Kashmiri leader Altaf Ahmad Butt.
On this occasion, Ameer Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) Azad Kashmir Maulana Saeed Yusuf, Shoaib Saeed, Shafiq Butt, Hurriyat leaders Prof Nazir Shawl, Sheikh Mateen, Saleem Haroon, Aqeel Tareen, Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar, Mushtaq Askari, Ghulam Ahmad Bana, Advocate Pervaiz Ahmed, Abdul Majid Tarambo, Hamad Mir, Sheikh Shabbir were present.
Raja Sikander said that those who work for Kashmir all over the UK and around the world are appreciable, but real brave people are Kashmiris Living in Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir under continuous persecution and suppression of Indian brutal forces. I appreciate and pay tribute to Altaf Ahmad Bhat for prioritizing Kashmir cause more than his personal and business matters, he went to the UK to highlight the grave human rights violations being carried on innocent Kashmiri people.
This is a huge sacrifice. We want all the parties of Kashmir in the UK to work together on a platform so that the world would have a clear message.
On 18 April 2019, when Modi visited the UK, we arranged protest with the help of Raja Fahim Kayani in Parliament Square in the UK, thousands of people came out, but every party there held their own corner and started protesting.
What is harmful to the cause, we have to work through unity for Kashmir cause in Pakistan, Europe, UK, beyond jealousy. We will hold big demonstrations in February which will be joined by European Parliament and UK Parliament members. Social Media is the greatest tool to highlight Indian atrocities and persecutions.
Speaking on the occasion, President of Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement and Kashmiri leader Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that with the alliance and unity, the destination of Kashmir can be easily achieved.
Everyone has made separate slogans, but we should demand right self-determination and gather under a single banner for bigger protests tell the world that we are standing side by side with them for their freedom and will sacrifice our lives for Independence of Kashmir.
Kashmir cause is still alive thanks to civil society and newspapers in Pakistan. The rulers’ inability is spreading misery and frustration in Kashmiris.
Let me ask you that a million people cannot be brought on the streets for Kashmir by Muslim League, PPP or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?
Certainly, they can, and if the government comes into the leadership role on the issue of Kashmir, then millions of people will come out in favour of Kashmir. Pakistanis are with Kashmiris but the leadership is lazy or they have their own issues and agendas. Pakistan army and Pakistani people are sincere with Kashmiris and, no one else is working seriously on Kashmir.
Hurriyat leader Ghulam Hassan Bana said that Pakistani Youth should work on Kashmir. While in Indian occupied Kashmir, Indian forces are punching Kashmiri youths either in jail or killed.
Youth is a great threat to oppressive rulers. No need to cross the border today. It must be a great service if social media is to be truly used.
After the curfew and lockdown in Kashmir, the situation is very harsh, the situation there should be presented, curfews are minor while the hardships are even greater. While the Indian agencies are scrutinizing and censorship the newspapers.
Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (F) Azad Kashmir Maulana Saeed Yusuf said that the parties going abroad must be united for Kashmir, and slogans such as Kashmir will become autonomous or Kashmir will become Pakistan’s are undermining Kashmir’s independence, we must first Liberate Kashmir from India. India has succeeded in giving religious colour to Kashmir Freedom Movement, while we could not succeed to portray our realities internationally in true sense.
We have to come up with the slogan of freedom, we have derived positivity from Modi’s inhumane tactics, and finally, we are united today.
Sheikh Mateen, Saleem Haroon and others also addressed the ceremony.

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