Save trees

Trees play great role in cleaning the air, soil and water and thus making earth a better place to live. People who live close to the trees are generally healthier and happier. Trees help us a lot through their limitless servings all across the life. As a human being, have we ever thought our responsibilities towards trees or only we are enjoying their benefits? Saving plants, we are not showing any kindness to the plants instead we are showing kindness to our lives because life is not possible without trees on the earth. So, if we want to live life in healthy way, we have to save plants forever.
Importance of Trees: I have mentioned below some importance and precious value of trees which will help us to know why trees are called as green gold on the earth and most important for the healthy life.
Trees add lots of value to our lives as well as and improve our living status by providing fresh oxygen and nutritious foods.
Trees also fulfill our additional necessities like shelter, medicine, and other needs of our modern lifestyles.
Trees in the society, community, streets, parks, playgrounds and backyards play great role in providing peaceful environment and aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees help to increase quality of life by providing cool shadow during our outdoor activities.
Old trees in the living area become historic landmarks and source of town pride.
Trees help in deflecting sunlight thus reduces heat island effect and keep environment clean and cool.
Trees provide fresh oxygen and reduce air pollution by filtering harmful gases.
They help in water conservation by preventing water evaporation.
They prevent soil erosion and support wildlife.
Trees are useful source controlling climate by managing the effects of sun, rain and wind.
Trees are very essential in balancing the ecosystem in the nature.
They are good source of absorbing and storing rainwater thus prevent from harms after storms.
They are good source of food and shelter for forest animals. Birds make their nest on the trunk of plants.
Trees have their personal and spiritual value as they look colourful and very beautiful. Some of the trees are traditionally worshipped by the people from ancient time.
They are source of economy for many people as they are used commercially as a fuel, building construction, tools, furniture manufacture, sporting equipment, household items, paper and so many purposes.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the largest tree plantation drive in the history of Pakistan, Plant for Pakistan (Plant4Pakistan), also known as 10 Billion Tree Tsunami, is a five-year project to plant 10 billion trees across Pakistan from 2018 to 2023. Prime Minister Imran Khan kicked off the drive on 2 September 2018 with approximately 1.5 million trees planted on the first day.
Why to Save Trees: Below I have mentioned some points proving why we should save trees: Trees always clean and refresh air by releasing oxygen and filtering particulate matter including dust, micro metal particles, pollutants, greenhouse gases (ozone, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxides), etc.
Trees reduce smog and air pollution from the environment.
They improve water quality, prevent water pollution, their root system reduces storm water runoff, prevent flooding and soil erosion.
Trees are good source of energy saving because they reduce the use of air-cooling system during summer season like electric fan, air conditioning, etc.
Well-landscaped yards and real estate have nice value because of having positive economic influence on real estate they speed up the sale of home.
According to the Human-Environment Research Lab, trees are very effective in reducing violence level in the neighborhood.
Four trees near by the home may save around 30% of the summer cooling costs whereas 1 million trees may save around $10 million energy costs per year.
Forty to fifty trees help in removing approximately 80 pounds of the air pollutants per year.
Trees have very less water requirement per year (400 trees need approximately 40,000 gallons of rainwater).
A tree throughout its life period of 50 years provides oxygen worth $31,250.
Trees around home boost its market value by 6 or 7% and add around 10% to a property’s value (according to the USDA Forest Service).
A healthy and mature tree may provide cooling effect equivalent to air conditioner cooling ten room size area (20 hours/day, according to the U.S. Department.

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