Save water

Water is a basic need of life. Without it life is impossible and recently water has so much importance as people are using it at every step of their lives. Therefore, clean and pollution free water is every individual’s need. However, from the last few years water crisis is looming large. It has become a major global issue. Yet in 2020 more than 2 billion people begin their day with impure water, means all of them have no clean water to drink, cook or even for bath.
Not only at household level but water scarcity is also a hindrance in industrial and agricultural mechanisms. Millions of people including children have become dead due to usage of unpure water. Shortage of water has also badly affected the environment. Therefore everyone should save water by realizing his own responsibility. Organizations and different NGOs had better to sort out issues for water shortage in such a way water could be saved.
Water is one of the most important substances on earth. It is obvious that humans, animals and plants also need water to survive. Absence of water on earth may result absence of life over here. Water containing two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen has a huge role in today’s era. From a small house to a huge factory and from common farmer’s land to a big irrigation project, water plays a significant role. People use it in cooking, drinking, talking bath and cleaning their houses and society. Similarly, industries utilize it manufacturing of different products which people use, for example; manufacturing of soap also needs water. Moreover in agriculture field farmer use water to grow crops, sugar cane etc. Therefore water is considered as most important part of our life.
Moreover, as we understand that how much water is important for us, instead of this since last few years crisis of water has become a global issue and its wastage is increasing day by day. We are living in 20th century, but yet majority of people have no pure water to even drink. According to WHO report 2.1 billion people globally do not drink safe and clean water. 3.4 million people die each year from contaminated water sources. Millions of women and children spend 3 to 4 hours each day for collecting water from distant sources. At any given time more than half of the patients on the beds of hospitals in the world are suffering from diseases caused by impure water. So, water is very important to be saved and to stop the increasing global scarcity.
Meanwhile, industries and irrigation also require water for good manufacture of products and good quality of crops. Indeed water is a basic commodity for the manufacturing of products like; soap, papers, polymeric pipes and so many others. But to save water is also important; therefore industries should just produce limited products and use limited water, in this way we could be able to take a step towards saving water. Similarly, in irrigation water is also needed but as keeping in view the policy of saving water agriculture department should grow such crops which consume less quantity of water and should avoid irrigation of those crops which consume excess water. For example, potato consumes less water as compare to pee.
On the other hand, shortage and pollution of water has also badly affected the ecosystem. Animals and plants are also dependent of water as humans are to drink and to produce their food by photosynthesis. So, impure water has also affected the whole ecosystem and living organisms. For instance; throwing plastics bags affects severely the lives in marine and fresh water. However, shortage of water is affecting terrestrial animals and birds as they could not find water to drink significantly in hot weather. So, to save our ecosystem we had better to save water from impurity and shortage.
So to conclude, water is an essential part of our life and everyone needs it in different activities on daily basis. According to a report of United Nation Organization (UNO) world’s population has tripled in 2020 since past 50 years and therefore the scarcity is also increasing. So we should realize our responsibilities and save water otherwise we could run dry in the future.

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