Secretary of State Mary land fetes PAPA


Nuzaira Azam

WASHINGTON DC: John C. Wobensmith, Secretary of State Maryland, congratulated the newly elected leadership of the Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA). He had invited the group to his office where he presented a “certificate of appreciation” for providing a forum for the Pakistani-American community and journalists in familiarizing people of America about Pakistani society, culture, and politics and vice versa.
Secretary Wobensmith said that it is a great opportunity for PAPA to interact with the State of Maryland and the people to help us better understand the culture of Pakistanis to the Americans and know the Pakistani culture. He further said that mutual interactions between people could bring a clear understanding.
Secretary Wobensmith has been meeting with Pakistani Ambassadors in Washington. He said that his first interaction with a Pakistani Ambassador was with Ambassador Ali Jahangir Siddiqi and he had been working on some projects with him, he had a day-long meeting about some poultry business with current Ambassador Majid Khan.
“I was worried when he left but I was pleased to see that he was appointed an Ambassador at large and I am in touch with him since,” Secretary Wobensmith added.
Deputy Secretary of State, Louis E. Borunda said that Secretary Wobensmith is not a stranger to the Pakistani community and he has had great interactions including businessmen bringing together in Maryland.
The community activist and the Vice-Chairperson of Governor’s South-Asian Commission, Sajid Tarar, speaking at the meeting thanked the Secretary for inviting the newly elected executive committee of PAPA at his office in Annapolis. Tarar lauded John C. Wobensmith’s international experiences and said that “he is the most accomplished secretary of the State.”
Introducing the PAPA panel, Tarar said that that the members of this panel represent different media channels and newspapers from Pakistan. “They have done a wonderful job representing and, softening the image, of Pakistan,” he added.
Earlier, PAPA President Khurram Shahzad thanked the Secretary of State for honoring PAPA Executive Committee General Secretary Yousuf Chaudhry introduced the members of the PAPA’s newly elected body and gave an overview of the working of the organization.