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September 6, 1965: A complete victory

Had India succeeded on 6th September 1965 ,the political geography of the subcontinent would have been entirely different.
Of late it has become a fashion to criticize everything which Pakistan Army has done in the service of the country. New Liberalism does not mean that history be distorted. Pakistan right from its inception faced three challenges, The survival on the face of growing threat from the Congress by initiating unjustified Radcliff Boundary award depriving Pakistan all the Muslim majority districts which would have created geographically, Pakistan much stronger country. The second was initiation of the Hindu Muslim riots culminating into killing of millions and displacement from Indian side to Pakistan . Third forcing Maharaja of Kashmir to sign accession instrument and inducting Indian army in Kashmir. On the Pakistan side it did not have the money, civil services in place, the couple of battalions which it inherited were spread into Indian landscape. The British C in C commanding Pakistan Army at that time did not respond to the call of Quaid Azam , the Governor General, to send army in Kashmir against India’s aggression. It was the heroic struggle of the Kashmiris as well as the WW2 retired soldiers of Pakistan which ensured that the liberators reached in the outskirts of Srinagar. It was then, Pandit Nehru rushed to United Nations and a ceasefire was managed . I’ll not dilate further due to space in this article. Till 1962 nothing tangible happened with regards to the plebiscite promised by India in the United Nations in conformity with the resolutions . The Sino India clash on the borders created an opportunity for Pakistan to occupy the Kashmir held by India but for the United States pressure not to do anything. Pakistan missed this opportunity. The Parleys promised by the United States did commence but failed due to the non-cooperative attitude of the Indian government. The youth of today do not peep into the history to know the feeling of the then young nation which was surrounded by hounds to eliminate it and what to talk about Kashmir. It was in this background that the operation Gibraltar was planned by Pakistan Army. I was a young officer in that war, and I have no hesitation to admit that this was not comprehensive plan. Bhutto’s assurance India will not attack proved wrong. It was also opposed by some officers within the army nevertheless it was launched but met with the failure for two reasons. First the Kashmiri people were not prepared and ready for it and the second it was the quantum of forces launched was far less than the objectives required. This led India to enter into Sir Creek in coastal area of Sind. Brigade level battles ensued in which Pakistan proved its metal. Some of very heroic actions were performed by the young officers in Sir Creek battles. The issue was resolved by negotiations and the forces which were deployed on the borders withdrew to peace time locations. It was then Pakistan launched Chamb operation in conjunction with Operation Gibraltar. Pakistan manage to capture Chamb and area up to road Jammu Srinagar. India was totally taken aback . Prime Minister of India announced they will punish Pakistan at the time and space of their choosing. India commenced attacked on September 6th in pursuance of the objectives allocated to the Indian Army by the Indian government. It was to capture Lahore by D + one and then spread along the Grand Trunk road and capture areas up to Gujarat ,facilitating attack from Sialkot. The victory and the defeat is measured how far the enemy achieved its assigned objectives. In this case, capture of Lahore was the main objective and later on expand the Bridge Head so that Pakistan is forced to sit on the negotiating table, and once for all, settle the Kashmir issue.
On commencement of the open war on September 6th CHAMB operation got stalled. Meanwhile the command in that sector was also changed .which A major factor in this in this episode. It is now being claimed, here to , American pressure prevailed. Pakistan army in spite of its inferior strength , only one division, managed to stop the Indian attack on Lahore through Wagga and Harikay Axes. Pakistan Artillery and Air Force blasted the advancing forces and made them halt their advance short of BRB Canal. Meanwhile heavy artillery played havoc on both axes by carrying out precise carpet bombings ensuring that nothing moves. Meanwhile as it was planned Pakistan Armored Division ,commenced is offensive against Amritsar along Kasur Khem Kiran , Voltoha sector. The war historians term it a spectular move. Pakistan army’s advancing columns reached area Voltoha just short of Amritsar. There was so much of panic in the Indian side, as was learnt later that the orders were given for the Indian Army to relocate on the east of Bias River. India launched its counter offensive in the Sialkot . Full might of Indian amour was thrust into supported by infantry. Formations deployed astride borders of Sialkot were much inferior in number yet they resisted the attack heroically halting India. India planned to capture Sialkot then area up to the GT Road cutting Pakistan into two. Pakistan had only one amour formation at that time which was launched in the Kasur Amritsar Sector. Pakistan advance had to be halted and the armor was withdrawn to be transferred to Sialkot sector. It was done with the meticulous care and they reached in time to stop the Indian attack. The Battle of Chowinda was the most fierce tank battle fought after the Second World War on the soil of subcontinent. Despite its shortcomings Pakistan blunted the Indian objective first to capture Lahore and other to capture Sialkot and cut GT road. Small in number Pakistan army blunted enemy objectives. Pakistani nation stood like a rock behind Pakistan Army . In Kasur Sector Pakistan’s heavy guns moved in to Indian territory under my command and destroyed Firozpur Indian Air Force Radar on September 8th resulting complete supremacy of Pakistan Air Force in that sector .
Pakistan Air Force role in 1965 has been acknowledged by all the leading air forces of the world and can by be verified from the dispatches of that time. This is to inform those new liberals, and those politicians who propagate Pakistan had done nothing in 1965. It is a great insult of soldiers , martyred and officers. Similarly, the Navy played a spectacular role to defend Karachi and destroy the number of ships of the Indian Navy and even shelled the port of Dwarka. In south, Large areas of Rajasthan were captured by Pakistan Army entering deep into the Indian territory.
In final analysis 6 September is an epic Day is the history of Pakistan. Pakistan proved to the world that in spite of small numbers Pakistan army could achieve its aim to stop the enemy achieving its tactical and strategic objectives against Pakistan with complete support of the nation , a key factor . One word for all the heroes who laid their lives during this war is that their velour was unmatched.