Services of beloved personality Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan Achakzai

Former Provincial Minister Haji Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan Achakzai does not need any praise. However, I think it is important to inform our readers about his personality, tribal, political, social, regional and educational services and initiatives. Bacha Khan Achakzai Abdullah lives in Chaman, a historical and commercial city. He was born on 7/3/1965 in the house of Shaheed Haji Barat Khan Achakzai. Haji Bacha Khan Achakzai’s services are not limited to his city, district, province and country but also benefit the Pashtun nation in neighboring Afghanistan. Naseer Bacha Khan He has always had a passion and interest in public service. And always the public circles value his tribal and political services and experiences. Miss he holds the position of a sincere and fearless leader of the PML-Q. He has been involved in politics for a long time. Naseer Bacha Khan was always the youngest member of the Assembly at that time. Naseer Bacha Khan always raised the voice of peace and order, unity and harmony from his political platform for a peaceful environment for the people and a just society.
Civil war, catastrophe, deaths of innocent people, accidents, hardships, suffering, unrest, unemployment, inflation, injustice, differences, hatred, prejudice and nationalism. He regularly emphasizes on unity and consensus for resolving old grievances in public circles and raises voice on every platform for the welfare of poor people. Apart from tribal political, public and regional services, Naseer Bacha Khan is a hospitable person who is fond of Pak Nafs Sharif and Nafis Nafs Pashto literature and has great insight in this regard. Allah Almighty has bestowed all the facilities of life, adornment, fame, honor, human sympathy, public power and popularity, but Naseer Bacha Khan is very much desirous of resolving a dispute which he has been facing since his childhood. Definitely will be the solution because in this regard this aspect of Haji Bacha Khan Achakzai’s life has a very painful story.
Achakzai’s political and tribal legacy has been well-received at the national level. The Pashtun tribes living in Afghanistan as well as Pakistan have witnessed the political and tribal services of his father Shaheed. Chakzai served the Afghan refugees. They are now being described in the form of records and memorabilia in the Majalis and in the political arena. Similarly, great political and national leaders of Balochistan and Pakistan used to come. Barat Khan Shaheed was a great role model of his time. Seeing the great services of his father Shaheed, he started living in his footsteps so that the people of the country and the region would be satisfied. Today, instead of Barat Khan Shaheed, Bacha Khan Achakzai has been participating in the reconciliation and jirgas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Haji Naseer Bacha Khan did a lot with great pride and bravery to keep the name of his father Shaheed Barat Khan Achakzai bright and fresh. He is following in the footsteps of his father Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan Achakzai who shines like a bright star in public circles like his father. Khan Achakzai and his family have many blessings. Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan Achakzai still founded a wonderful educational institution called {NBK} Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan in which 20% of the poor of Chaman can get free education. And for others, it has created a tireless system of merit in order to awaken the educational awareness and competitive spirit in the youth. He started education for the process of educational awareness of the people. That is because District Qila Abdullah and Tehsil Chaman are deprived of all facilities of life, especially in terms of education.
Regularly organized this NBK English Academy at its own expense in which first time classes and second time English language and computer classes are being conducted under the supervision of highly qualified teachers so that the new generation of Chaman city can be equipped with modern education. In this regard, Naseer Ahmad Bacha Khan Achakzai started a new educational series under the supervision of hard working and senior teachers and in future people will benefit from it. Apart from NBK English Academy and Computer, his poor and helpless the NBK Foundation was also organized for the people to provide educational services on the one hand and to encourage the oppressed on the other hand. Distributed wheelchairs to all the disabled people which brought a wave of happiness among the disabled people and the NBK Foundation has made a great contribution to the future of water scarcity in Chaman city.

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