Serving country by molding generation via technology, communication, employment

TFD Report

KARACHI: It is common to see our young people plan their future on a very limited scale after completing their education.
Our youth are our assets which are full of intelligence. Proper use of intelligence of these generations can move our country on the path of development.
Laraib says It has been observed that the tendency of our youth is not towards information technology and communication. These trends are few and far between, but they are doing their best internationally and making the best profits. Even such people are bringing the good foreign exchange in the country.
With the patronage of the government, these institutions can develop further and play their role in the service of the country.
Like the Western developed countries, the youth of our country are in dire need of career counseling so that they can make better decisions, move forward with broad thinking and have confidence in themselves.
Laraib Afghan says “Our organization has always strived to provide job opportunities to the generation of the country by training them and connecting them with information technology and communication. Along with communication, we now intend to provide various professional training including Amazon. To play a role in national development within our limited scale resources, to guide and train the youth of the country properly and to be a source to bring foreign exchange in the country is our dream”.