Shinwari discusses road related issues with GM NHA

ISLAMABAD: GM NHA Iftikhar Sajjad, SSPs/Sector Commanders, and all beat DSPs/CPOs attended an important meeting chaired by DIG North Mohammad Alam Shinwari, in the N-5 North Zone office, says a Press release.
The purpose of this meeting was to implement axle control regime and other road related issues pertaining to NHA in the jurisdiction area of N-5 North zone. In the beginning of the meeting, DIG North Muhammad Alam Shinwari thanked all the participants for gracing the occasion with their presence.
DIG Mohammad Alam Shinwari stressed the need for implementation of axle load limit as set by the government and the adoption of substantive measures were agreed upon, in the said meeting.
The pathetic condition of weight stations, dilapidated road conditions, improper U-turns, absence of lane marking, need for 3rd lane, need for sign boards, cat eyes and all other issues were discussed in response to this, GM NHA assured that the performance of the road and condition of weight stations would be improved.
Moreover, the need for coordination, cooperation and meetings between NHMP and NHA shall continue in future as well. To overcome axel load limits and for free flow of traffic. Motorway police, NHA and transporter should coordinate with each other to solve these problems.

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