Sindh govt spreads panic, instead of facilities to fight coronavirus: Haleem Adil

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Central Vice President and parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the provincial government of Sindh instead of providing facilities to fight the coronavirus is spreading panic and its traditional mismanagement, especially in healthcare sector, is at the peak, says a Press release.
Addressing a crowded press conference in the Insaf House here Sunday, flanked by PTI MPAs Dua Bhutto, Dr Saeed Afridi, Kareem Bux Gabol, and other leaders Hunaid Lakhani, Jam Farooq, Sumair Mir Sheikh, Saifullah Abro and Razaq Bajiwa, he said that he salutes the journalists of Sindh. He said like the Punjab government, the Sindh government should also announce a special package for them.
Haleem said in whole Sindh, the healthcare facilities are in shambles. There are no proper facilities even in government hospitals like JPMC and Civil Hospital Karachi and desperate patients are committing suicides be jumping from their roofs. He said instead of clean water, the people of Sindh are drinking gutter-mixed water. There is acute water shortage from Karachi to Thar. Eighty percent of RO plants in Thar installed with a cost of over Rs7.5 billion are faulty and in non-working condition.
He said that Murad Ali Shah is just a puppet chief minister of Sindh, while the real power is vested his handlers. He said the provincial government of Sindh and its ministers are badly confused and clueless. He said Murad Ali Shah blamed that Tiger Force is a political force. He said social personalities are present in the Tiger Force. He said politically Murad Ali himself is in quarantine. He said Sindh government wants to pitch the police and Sindh police against one another. He said more than 10000 FIRs were lodged against citizens for so-called violation of lockdown.
He said there is another conspiracy behind the coronavirus. He said in whole world the governments were preparing to fight the virus, but the Sindh cabinet passed a subsidy of Rs2.5billion for captive energy project owners. He said Rs4billion are giving as subsidy to sugar mills. He said these are projects of Omni Group. He said in Sindh tractor scheme has also been launched and contracts of Rs6billion are also given silently in the irrigation sector. He said a new tender is issued for Tori embankment, despite the fact the previous contract of this embankment remained incomplete.
Haleem Adil said he salutes the Sindh government for his committeemen to the people of Sindh. He said he condemns false propaganda ageists the Sindh governor. He said he also prays for early recovery of Rashid Rabbani.
He said data of 2.6people is present on one click but the Sindh government is not ready to give ration to these people. He said people are getting money from the Ehsaas Program. He said the ordinance of Sindh government was sent to the governor for political point scoring. He said gas and electricity are out of the scope of Sindh government. He said Saeed Ghani used foul language against one TV channel, because it asked some serious questions. He said drug dens are running in the locality of Saeed Ghani. He said Sindh government has left the people on mercy of AIDS, rabid dogs and virus. He advised Dr Bari of Indus Hospital not to become spokesman of Sindh government and instead run his charity hospital with dedication. He said the Sindh government should focus to improve its performance.
PTI leader Hunaid Lakhani said they have distributed ration in different districts of Sindh. He said in Tharparkar RO plants are faulty. He said poor people do not have ration to feed their children. He said due to lockdown people are not taking to streets. He said in the areas where we distributed ration, the provincial government was seen nowhere.

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