Sindh Police pay tribute to fallen heroes on Youme Shuhada


The higher police authorities a few years back decided to observe August 4 as the martyrs’ day across the province Sindh and country to highlight the role of police for maintaining law and order and to pay homage to the force’s personnel who sacrificed in line of duty and laid their lives in order to protect lives and properties of citizens.
In this connection, special programmes are being organised by the Sindh police at different popular places of Karachi to commemorate the martyred cops. Senior police officials of the divisions, ranges, headquarters, zones and districts concerned laid wreaths, lit candles and offered Fateha.
One such graceful event was arranged at Mazar-e-Quaid where DIG East, Saqib Ismail Memon, SSP Korangi Shahjahan Khan, SP Gulshan Rana Maroof, SP Investigation East Altaf, DSP Ferozabad Faisal Khan, SHO Brigade Majid Korayi and SHO Jamshed Gul Hasan Kalhoro of East Zone, senior officials from SSU and Welfare department were present on the occasion. DIG East Saqib Ismail Memon lit candles, laid wreaths and presented bouquet to the families of Shuhada of the Sindh Police, Karachi East zone. Keeping in view the consideration for COVID-19 SOPs, the attendance of Shuhada families was short. Therefore, 7/8 families of Shuhada were invited.
DIG East Saqib Memon said that “we remember the sacrifices rendered by martyred Police Jawans to make our city safe and peaceful”. While talking to the families of Shuhada families said that “Our higher authorities have directed us to utilize resources for the welfare and betterment of families of the martyrs as these are our heroes and pride for police.” The families of martyrs were their own families and we would look after them and would offer each family’s one member job in police force, he said. He also enquired about the issues of martyrs’ families and their children.
To mark the day with great reverence, IGP Sindh Mushtaq Mahar along with other senior police officials, offered Fateha martyrs at Yaadgar-e-Shuhada situated in premise of CCPO. He also presented guard of Honor. On this occasion the children of martyrs were Chief Guest and they laid wreath at the monument. Mushtaq Mahar said the main purpose of marking this day is to create a sense of togetherness among the families of Shuhada and to convey them that police force is standing with them. IG Sindh said that great nations never forget the sacrifices of their martyrs. “So far 2355 police officers and jawans of Sindh police have laid their lives, fighting terrorism and organised crimes. These martyrs have not only boosted the morale of their colleagues, but also restore peace and security in the province” he added. Mushtaq Mahar further said that to protect the citizen of Sindh is the main priority of police force whether it is in any natural calamity or health crisis. During the pandemic, police force stood as front line soldiers and 38 cops lost their life in health crises.
On Youme Shudaha the ADIG Karachi range, Imran Yaqoob Minhas, in his message said that the Shuhada of Karachi laid their lives to restore peace and secure lives of citizens in the war against terrorism along with other security institutions. “This day reminds us of these fallen heroes and our commitment to establish rule of law. We are ready to fight terrorism and culprits and lay our lives in line of duty. We are proud of our force and would do every effort for the well being of the families of martyrs”, he said.
Imran Yaqoob further said that the trust of people of Karachi on police force is the key of their success. And to retain this confidence, his force would do every bit since Karachi police history has enormous examples of sacrifice and martyrdom.
While talking to the families of Shuhada, I just realized that police force is not just a profession, its’ an endangered mission where these cops lose their lives in line of duty. And a very few recognizes their sacrifice since our distaste for police is so deeply engrained, we fail to see beyond that bias. There is no denial to the fact that our police are considered neither people-friendly nor corruption-free. However, how many of our mothers, fathers, wives and other family members have the courage to raise children who could be killed in line of duty except those who allow their boys, and for that sake even girls too, to join armed forces or police force.
I met a family where the shaheed Abdul Hamid, killed in target killing during the duty in 2015, was the only son and left behind 4 younger sisters and parents. The youngest innocent-face sister was present with her mother during the event. She told that their police higher ups visit their homes on every big festival like both Eids to solace them. She also confirmed that they were paid compensation amount promptly. However, since they do not have any male figure in family, they are not given any job yet despite 6 years have been spent. They were assured that the older daughter would be offered job, they said. However, the family of Shahbaz Bhatti, who was shot during an encounter with terrorists at Hasan square in 2016, confirmed that they were offered compensation amount and job in police force to the eldest son.
DSP Faisal Khan who is also a son martyred SHO Farrukh Sultana said he was proud of being the son of a police martyr. He said “the conflict of right and evil is still continuing but its dimensions have changed”. He told his mother was the first lady SHO of Artillery PS established by Benazir Bhutto government. She was killed in 1998 and he was directly inducted as inspector in police force owing to her mother’s death during the job.
He said that police leadership is deeply concerned about the well-being of martyrs’ bereaved families. The purpose of such ceremonies is to pay homage to police martyrs who are alive in our hearts forever. He said there are not only shaheed in our institution but there are several policemen, who have been injured and crippled in this war against terrorism and they are not living normal lives anymore. Their whole life has been ruined but still they take pride in their sacrifice which they have made while performing their duty.
After talking to all of them, I fathom that police force has given unparalleled sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Incidents of terrorism have been reduced considerably due to sacrifices of Pakistan Army and security institutions especially police force, but still this war is continuing. Ignoring the sacrifices of these martyrs is like ignoring the stark reality that these sacrifices are the guarantee of our normal lives. Despite all our grudge we carry for our law enforcement agencies, in time of need and surrounded in times of crises, the uniform of the police at roads and highways represents the assurance and confidence that the help is there. The process of accountability is the part of police reforms. This is high time that this accountability inculcates among policemen the respect for their uniform. They should always keep it in mind that the common man should feel comfortable with them and the people feel ease approaching at police stations. Their attitude should not discourage people and they should not be afraid of them.