Skills development initiatives


Learning is a process that takes various forms. However, it never ends. People remain a student in one way or the other throughout their lives. Professionals excelling in their respective fields learn tricks of the trade and pertinent information from different sources. They would certainly have received their learning through a different method while pursuing their studies at the college or the university. Students learn through classroom learning, which is now online learning because of the lockdown. Professionals learn by observing their superiors or through experience. The same goes for housewives, who learn through trial and error or receive feedback from their elders. Every person somehow receives key learning points from their colleagues, peers, or through experience.
In today’s age, companies are reaching out to the world to disseminate pertinent information on specific topics and processes. These events are either in the form of panel discussions, seminars, or workshops. During the pre-lockdown era, such events were held frequently at public places including hotels and universities. However, since the lockdown has been in effect, these events are confined to the digital or online media. This has resulted in a win-win situation for everyone. The organizers do not have to incur expenses to host the event while the guests can speak from the comforts of their home. The audience or the viewers are also contentedly seated in their homes. These online panel discussions, talks, and training sessions are exactly how they have been happening in the physical, pre-lockdown period. Now, they are held online, either on ZOOM, Facebook LIVE or through StreamYard.
Such sessions are important for many reasons. First, people get to learn from professionals who are known for their specific expertise. Second, the viewers can become part of the question and answer session. Since there is no limitation on the time for these events, the trainers or the resource person can reply to the queries then and there. However, in case there is a time limit from the host or the organizing company, the guest can reply to the comments at their convenience.
Among a plethora of companies offering such training sessions, the youth of Pakistan have been proving their mettle. These aspiring entrepreneurs are making the most use of the lockdown to host guest speaker sessions from their company’s Facebook pages. Zeenat Anjum is the CEO and Founder of Digiwrite who has been contributing through LIVE video session pertinent information about content writing and how to excel in this field. Digiwrite is an online platform for students and teachers who wish to learn or share knowledge. With a wide range of credible teachers in the team, the quality of knowledge being transmitted through mediums of Digiwrite holds great value. It offers massive open online courses (MOOCs), virtual classrooms, and on-site workshops worldwide to help build a community of learners.
Another platform is the Institute of Excellence in Learning & Teaching (IELT). It is being led by its co-founders, Wajeeha Zameer and Danish Sayanee. They invite industry professional to talk about effective teaching methods, parenting styles and have sessions on reading and writing. IELT is a dynamic organization with a progressive vision to impart impactful and revolutionary training and consultancies. It works with a whole community with a commitment to lead them into a better future. According to Wajeeha, she envisions a society where merit is based on skills rather than a piece of paper defining the number of years of education. Danish believes that IELT will provide systematic consultation and training to develop a skilled force. At the heart of IELT are the core values of the organization: integrity, empathy, innovation, and integration.
Zainab Mohammad, a teacher by passion and profession is serving as the Founder and Director of Skill-ed. She is accompanied with Fatema S. Shakir and Rashida Mohammad, co-founders, resource developers and trainers. According to Zainab, Skill-Ed is a platform (virtual at the moment) where we try to connect skills with education. In society, we do have individuals with skills; however, lack of knowledge and education becomes a hindrance to their professional success. On the other hand, many graduates do have education but lack the proper skills to excel in their field. Through Skill-Ed, we try to bridge the gap between skills and education. She also conducts online sessions where professionals share insights about the topic.
These platforms have their founder and co-founders conduct online sessions and invite industry professionals to impart valuable information and knowledge when they speak on diverse topics. They are using digital media to add value in the society, an act that must be appreciated and acknowledged.