Small is beautiful for special schools

Special ones and their schools may be looked upon as “small”. But they have proved many a time that “Small is beautiful.” Imagine when special kids serving eye-openers and becoming role models for the world !
Unthinkable to think but the facts unfold special folks as enlightening examples of love, peace, justice, tolerance and fellow feeling offered merely as lip-service by many of those at the helm of our community, local, regional national and world affairs. Unbelievable to believe but the facts reveal that so practically, zealously and impressively many special schools adhere to our Quaid’s glorious motto of “unity, faith, discipline.”
Beyond words and so inexpressible are commendable and laudable role and responsibilities of teachers, counselors, caretakers and managers of special children. Teachers of special folks are out-of-the-ordinary teachers and their caretakers are out-of-the-box executors. Imagine they accomplish for special folks which could not be done even by parents. No teachers in the world can care, mend, manage and sacrifice for special children. They sacrifice for special kids their personal and social life, heart and soul, food and sleep, time and resource, physical and mental health.
It is not just their life these teachers sacrifice for their special pupils but the art, skill and technique they use to interact with them is commendable. Special ones range from being hypersensitive to hysterical, depending on the respective mental and physical condition of the mentally challenged or physically handicapped kids. It is simply by sacrificing their life and soul that teachers teach and train special folks but are also able to discover a vast reservoir of their creative faculties.
Such special schools, besides being all over Pakistan in Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, KPK and Islamabad, the federal capital, include Umeed Special Academy (USA), Landhi; Karachi Vocational and Training Centre (KVTC); IDA RIEU, Jacob Lines, Karachi; JS Academy, Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi; Al- Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA), PECHS, Karachi; Aziz Begum Memorial School, Garden East, Karachi; Aghosh Welfare Academy, Gulistan e Johar, Karachi and many more.
Seeing is believing and testing is confirming here. Talents of special kids have been magnificently harnessed, groomed and blossomed to A-one presentations. Spellbinding has been the arts and crafts, designs and decor, drawings and paintings embroidery and hosiery of the special ones!Mesmerizing has been their songs, dances, music and tableau that take the audience to a state of delirium. Enthralling are entertaining programs for them with food, fun and frolic, jumping castles, magic shows, candy floss stall, passing the parcel game, musical chair fun, face painting corner, lucky draws and you name it.
It is a special world of special folks where treatment, rehabilitation and entertainment are successfully blended with such confidence-building that enable them to stand on their own feet and lead happy and healthy lives towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

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