Social media and real life communication


Human life has experienced a number of inventions since its inception on this planet. Among many scientific inventions the one which is superior in terms of magnanimity of its impacts on human life is social media. Social media is rendering great services to human beings especially by connecting them from one part of the world to the other. At the same time, it is an irrefutable fact that social media has reduced the opportunities of face to face communication among people by providing online platforms to communicate. Surely, social media is a cardinal part of human life in this age of internet, therefore; it cannot be ignored or removed from lives. But, human beings can put efforts to create balance to enjoy real life communication in this age.
The first and foremost evidence for the destructive impacts of social media on real life communication is the limited communication among members of a family in a home. Is it not common today that siblings sitting in a room are busy on social media platforms? Almost a decade ago, they were used to play indoor games and listening stories from their grandparents. The second significant reason is that with the invention of social media the people started lacking interest in outdoor activities like visiting cinemas and parks. They feel pleasure in watching movies on social media rather than go to the park. In this way the chances of face to face interaction with each other get reduce. Moreover, the trend of online shopping has destroyed real life communication.
Before the advent of social media, the shopping and celebration of events like Eid, birthdays and Christmas was an outdoor activity. But social media has significantly decreased these opportunities to interact by providing platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz and many more. Furthermore, online educational platforms like Google meet and zoom do not allow real life communication among students and teachers. Last but not least, social media has changed the mode of professional lives.
The trend of work from home has occupied more room during COVID-19. Now, professionals of several online skill based sites and projects are working while sitting in their bedrooms especially through e-commerce. Obviously, it has narrowed the scope of real life communication. Undoubtedly, social media has become a cardinal part of daily life and maximum number of people is getting benefits from this invention. Therefore, it is not possible and favorable to end the use of social media. The emerging nations in the world are very much focused and determined to generate revenue through social media platforms. Pew research center reported in 2023, Denmark is earning more through social media advertising among ten countries across the globe.
Developing countries like Pakistan can avail this opportunity and raise its gross domestic product. The selling and buying of different services across the globe is a gateway to emerge as an independent and self-sufficient state on the map of the world. In order to enjoy real life communication in this era of social media, the regulated use of social media is important through some measures. As far as these ameliorative measures are concerned, there can be many with the objective to limit the excessive use of social media that is continuously depriving people of real life communication.
Firstly, technology based checks and balances should be devised to monitor social media platforms.
Secondly, the educational institutions and mainstream media should play role to educate social media users.
Thirdly, the government should also provide opportunities for recreational activities through social media platforms. In this way the excessive nonproductive use of social media apps can be reduced easily.
Finally, technology should not be so inexpensive to force people to avoid its unnecessary use. There must be some certain rules for every user before starting the use of any application of social media. All users must be the signatory of the set of rules devised by the companies in collaboration with government. To conclude, as social media has certainly wreaked havoc on real life communication, therefore; the only thing that is required and should be strived for is the balanced approach to its use. So that it does not have deep impacts on real life communication.


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