Solar Power Plant and Plantation Drive open at Hamdard University

KARACHI: The 500 KW Gird Tie Solar Power System and Plantation Drive were Thursday inaugurated at Hamdard University Karachi Main Campus, says a Press release.

Speaking on the occasion, after inaugurating the Solar Power Plant and planting a sapling at Hamdard University main campus, the Chief Guest and CEO of PRETTL Company, Germany, Mr. Steffen Thierfelder said that Germany had sun for 156 days only even then we were taking full advantage of solar energy as every roof in Germany was occupied with solar panels; Pakistan has the sun for 365 days and this country should utilize it with full strength and Hamdard University is liable to be congratulated as this university has taken initiative by installing a solar power plant at its Karachi main campus.
‘We are specialist in this technology and the panels used in this solar power system are made by the South Korea’s Company FEFU, that has special expertise in this work,’ Steffen added.
Prof. Dr. Shabeebul Hasan, Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University said that according to the vision of the founder, Chancellor, Hakim Mohammed Said, Hamdard University is an eco-friendly university which had taken many steps to put positive impacts on the socio-economic and environmental condition of the country and the present start of plantation drive and installation of solar power plant at Hamdard University were the initiatives of same nature.
The additional electricity which would receive from this plant would be supplied to other industries; thus Hamdard University would contribute to minimize the shortage of electricity in the country.
Answering to a question, he said that the total cost of this plant amounted to Rs. Five crore which would be recovered within 3 years and after five years would be at zero cost, because 50 per cent of university’s electricity requirements would be met by this plant, he added.
A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between PRETTL Group of Companies and Hamdard University Karachi on the occasion. Steffen and Prof. Dr. Shabibul Hasan have signed respectively on behalf of PRETTL and Hamdard University.
Besides, Steffen, Mrs. Sadia Rashid and Prof. Dr. Shabibul Hasan, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University also planted the sapling regarding plantation drive of Hamdard University.

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