Is something wrong with PTI – be careful

The stage is set for PTI to form government at the Centre, Punjab and KPK but what is worrying for the people is about proper vision and line of direction. People have voted in tons to PTI second time to bring change in the existing system of governance which is only meant for the elite and the rulers of the country , and this system has destroyed all the institutions of the country. It is true that there has been massive corruption everywhere in nook and corner of the country, the departments meant to control the corruption were flooded with cronies as a result they failed to deliver, cases are filed in the courts but the legal system is defective apart from it is beyond the reach of common man is so flawed that even in High Courts for years cases are not heard.
It is also true that inefficiency and bad governance created over last 71 years cannot be cleaned up by PTI government in 5 years and they shall face tremendous difficulties once they start functioning as government. But a beginning with speed can be made and if they are able to correct 30% of the ills it will be welcome
At present there are large numbers of spokes persons who are busy in giving out policy statements which are contradicted by other spokes persons. Let us take few cases one by one to hammer the point. Imran shall not stay in PM House, so far so good, but someone says he will stay in Bani Gala House, which is under dispute like other houses in the area due to technical grounds as we all know Chief Justice had taken suo motto. If he stays in Bani Gala would require more security than PM House, it is estimated that around 3000 personnel would be required, it is also learnt that he will pay for the security charges if he stays in Bani Gala. Is there any wisdom or justification for such statement? He will be given security as per Blue Book which is the state responsibility; he may have additional force at his expense if desired. Another spokes person come up and says he will stay in speakers House. That was uncalled for statement, it only adds to criticism. Why should he break the law, speaker’s residence falls under reserved accommodation, and therefore it cannot be used by anybody else, again wrong statement. Another spokesperson comes up says he will stay in ministers colony. But soon it is contradicted and another statement appears that he would stay in Punjab House. Why he should convert reserved accommodation for his personal use, Punjab House is meant for MNA’s and MPA’s and other high officials visiting capital. This shows indecisiveness on the part of leadership, mind you this is not an international issue just a local matter not to be discussed in media. It was better to keep quiet rather than making different statements by different spokes persons. This is a bad beginning for a party which is going to bring change and giving us Naya Pakistan. There has been total commotion in naming chief minister Punjab and KPK, what is the fuss about it, take your own time and once decided just give the name to the press instead holding press conference. PTI should know they are dependent on smaller parties, once agreement is reached with them then no leader has right to utter a word against them, as happened in the case of MQM. A prominent leader of Karachi Firdous Naqvi made a very wrong statement against MQM that created ripples in the ranks; thanks to timely reaction by Chairman Imran who took notice and Naqvi has been told to be careful in future but again it has been in a bad taste.PTI should know that MQM matters with 6 very important seats. Jahangir Taren the main negotiator from PTI is under severe criticism after his disqualification necessary precautions should be taken.
This must be clearly understood by the entire leadership that they are very much vulnerable and need crutches of smaller parties, therefore their each and every word uttered is being recorded, and it will be played at an appropriate time. Why allow that situation to develop? Speak less listen more.PTI Chairman Imran Khan needs to appoint just one spokesperson who should respond to all type of queries once in fortnight, all other leaders should now get down to work. This time there will be no friendly opposition, the opposition is pretty big tough and hostile, therefore PTI needs to adopt a new strategy to deal them. If they shout, in turn you don’t shout but display patience and attend to their legitimate issues. On the very first the PTI should be ready to face their wrath with full throttle on, let them do according to their plans, no need to react. Nothing to worry, well this has been happening in the past including dictators inaugural addresses and what to talk about democratic governments.
Your inaugural speech should be free from criticism on opposition, to make noise is their democratic right which you have amply exercised in the past by giving historic dharna, so don’t make it a subject. Be careful in choosing words; speak less with greater substance, to the point. Don’t promise anything but work in that direction. You have to resolve the ever burning issue of civil military relations which is very favorite subject of media intellectuals at all levels. You have to dispel the impression that army operates independently but certainly there is need to do much in this regard Let everyone works as per constitution and no one should be allowed to cross constitutional limits. Devote more time in the house and respond to all questions by members as we witness question hour in the British parliament. Establish healthy tradition. You have experience of ruling province, naturally your performance must have been good as you have been voted in power again with greater majority, but there is a big difference to rule province and country. Never make promises; just deliver people would be happy.
Lastly during your tenure if you can establish rule of law in the country it would be a great favor. If it is implemented 85% problems would stand resolved automatically. I shall keep bothering you with good suggestions after you are settled. In advance accept congratulations becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan, a long cherished desire for which you had to work hard. Let us hope for the best

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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