Special issue of Dabistan-e-Himaala

Dabistan-e-Himaala is a bi-monthly Urdu literary magazine published from Rajouri district of Pir Panchal region. It’s second issue has been specially published to highlight the contribution and great works of two legendary figures of India: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Moulana Waheedudin Khan.
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a farsighted and visionary leader of pre-independent India. Let’s remind some of his famous quotes…”We (Hindus and Muslims) should try to combine our hearts and souls and act in unison. If united, we can sustain.”
“Acquisition of knowledge of science and technology is the only solution for the problems of Muslims.”
“Call me by whatever names you like. I won’t ask you for my salvation. But please take pity of your children. Do something for them. Send them to school.”
Moulana Waheedudin Khan has penned a beautiful and detailed write-up about the great works of Sir Syed under the heading “Sir Syed Formula”. Moulana says, “a century after the death of Sir Syed, an encyclopedia was published in which it was written that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, India’s greatest 19th century Muslim leader”.
Today every Muslim individual irrespective of the sect he belongs to, is liking and loving him. Both bearded as well as unbearded Muslim men equally sing the songs of great contribution of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Somebody calls him as a Syed while few call him as the great nation builder. Some are of the view that had there been no Sir Syed perhaps Muslims of India would have been the most downtrodden class.
In his own time, Sir Syed was labelled as a disbeliever, agent of anti-Muslim squad by certain section of society. Moulana Altaf Hussain Hali helped him and cooperated with him; he wrote many books about him. Akbar Ala Abadi has written this couplet about the duo “Syed Ki Daastan Haali Se Puchiye,Gaazi Mian Ka Haal Dafaali se Puchiye”.
Sir Rous Masood the grandson of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s article is also adding a feather to the crown of Dabistan-e-Himaala. His brief article under the heading “Sir Syed and Hindu Muslim Unity” is highlighting Sir Syed’s efforts and contribution to bridge the gap between Muslims and Hindu population of India. In India’s history first time an educational institution (Aligarh Muslim University) was set up in which both Hindus and Muslims were given an equal chance. Its basic members were both Hindus and Muslims. The light of this prestigious institution reached to both Muslim and Hindu homes equally.
From scientific society to Aligarh Muslim University, he trusted his Hindu brethren wholeheartedly. In his addresses and writings, he frequently used the term Nation and when he was asked to elaborate it, he referred the term Nation to both Muslim and Hindu population. “Sir Syed Ahmad Khan – a lighthouse”, this is the heading of an article added in this special issue of Dabistan-e-Himaala. “I desire that every individual of the ummah should hold literature and philosophy in his one hand and science and technology in the second hand, and Kalima Tayyiba should be above all dwelling in their hearts”.
M.K Gandhi says about Sir Syed “Sir Syed was a prophet of education.”
Allama Iqbal says about him, “the real greatness of Sir Syed consists in the fact that he was the first Indian Muslim who felt the need of a fresh orientation of Islam and worked for it.”
The second portion of this special issue is containing articles, write-ups and essays about legendary internationally acclaimed Islamic scholar Moulana Waheedudin Khan. Noted Islamic scholar Er Muhammad Ali Mirza says, “Moulana Waheedudin Khan is the greatest researcher of present-day Muslim World. In whole Muslim world only two Modern Age Thinkers have been produced so far; one is Moulana Maududi and the second one is Moulana Waheedudin Khan. I am of the strong opinion that nobody has done a great work on modern science and Quran as has been done by Moulana Waheedudin Khan. I recommend his four books for the youth of Ummah:(1) Science and Religion, (2) Religion and new Challenges, (3) God Arises, and (4) Islam and Modernism. Had Russell been there today, he would have accepted Islam after going through his book of science and religion. Moulana Waheedudin Khan’s love and commitment for global peace can easily be gauged from the fact that he has not kept any copyright for his invaluable books, besides distributing free literature all over the world through his centre for peace and spirituality. The goal of this centre is to bring about personalities to become peaceful members of society.
Renowned nuclear scientist and former Indian president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam says, “I have read many of Waheedudin Khan’s books and I see Moulana an embodiment of real spiritual engagement. He has looked at many scriptures, great works of prophets and great human beings and has synthesized them in his books and so I have got great respect for him.”
Moulana Waheedudin laid the foundation of Centre for Peace and Spirituality in January 2001. As the name suggests its aim is to promote peace and spirituality worldwide. It is a non-political organisation created only to revolutionise thinking and making men the real humans. Moulana Waheedudin Khan’s one more short article is part of this issue”Dissent-a law of nature”.
Once he met a scholar of the west, he enquired from him the basic reason for development and prosperity of the west. He replied ” we regard dissent a fundamental right of the men”. But it isn’t a western thought only rather our dearest prophet saw too has said that dissent among ummah is a blessing. Renowned authors and distinguished writers have penned their write-ups about both Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Moulana Waheedudin Khan in this special issue. Amjad Islam has written a beautiful piece under the heading “Death of a scholar is the death of the Ummah”.
Some prolific writers whose articles are part of this issue are…SudhamahiRegunathan, Prof Amitabh Mattoo, AkhtarulWassey, Muhammad Muslim Wani, Ahmad Shanas, Bashir Manzar, Dr Tawseef Parrey, Dr Muhammad Saleem Wani, Muhammad Sultan Islahi, Aabid Rehmani, Muhammad Arif Iqbal and Javed Ahmad Ghamdi, etc.
Dignitaries from all walks of life have paid their glowing tributes and prayed for the ultimate peace of the departed soul of Moulana Waheedudin Khan, the great spiritual leader, theologian, peace activist and legendary Islamic scholar. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

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