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SSGC-AE & GWE ink MoU to promote renewable natural gas

KARACHI: SSGC Alternate Energy (Pvt.) Limited (SSGC-AE) and Green Waste Energy (Pvt.) Limited have entered into a Memorandum-of-Understanding (MoU), unlocking the potential of “Green Molecules” Renewable Natural Gas, says a Press release.
In a strategic move, Green Waste Energy will supply biogas/biomethane, a renewable natural gas, to SSGC-AE. This game-changing endeavor promises to fuel the future with sustainable energy solutions.
The MoU was signed by Imran Maniar, Chairman, SSGC-AE and Shoaib Feroz, CEO, Green Waste Energy (Pvt.) Limited in a simple yet impressive ceremony held at SSGC Head Office on Friday. The ceremony was witnessed by Acting DMD (Operations and UFG) SSGC, Saeed Rizvi and his team members whereas Director Zia Naqi, represented Green Waste Energy (Pvt.) Limited. Khwaja Huzaifa, Consultant, Bridge Factor (Pvt.) Limited was also present on the occasion.
SSGC-AE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), was established in 2022 with the primary goal of addressing energy challenges in the country. The company’s core mission revolves around the implementation of alternative energy projects, including but not limited to renewable and eco-friendly fuel ventures such as biogas and biomethane, thermal energy-based electricity generation and forward-looking initiatives like coal-to-gas (C2L) conversion with carbon capture and storage capabilities, as well as green hydrogen production.
Moreover, SSGC Alternate Energy (SSGC-AE) is proactively spearheading the promotion of Green Molecules endeavors. The organization is actively urging prospective investors and project developers in the market to engage in the production of biogas and biomethane. This renewable gas can be derived from non-food organic sources, including cow dung, municipal waste, rice husk, energy crops and similar substrates. This strategic initiative is geared towards establishing a sustainable and eco-friendly energy ecosystem.
Urban centres produce massive amounts of solid bio-waste, the disposal of which is a challenge for civic agencies. Alternately, this waste can be effectively utilized for energy generation. The MoU envisions that Green Waste Energy (Pvt.) Limited will produce bio-gas/biomethane by tapping into waste materials and produce renewable natural gas through bio-gas plants. This environmentally friendly gas will subsequently be made available for purchase by SSGC-AE, who will then oversee its local distribution to third-party entities.
This partnership will be a major step forward towards augmenting gas supplies to a large extent, especially in the context of fast depleting gas reserves. This will be the first time a gas utility company, through its subsidiary concern, is making efforts to integrate renewable natural gas into its network through renewable natural gas. Such an indispensable move is a significant step forward towards promoting an alternative resource and encouraging local and foreign investors to invest in this relatively untapped energy source for setting up large scale bio-gas plants. The initiative will also help in the local job creation and economic growth.
It is imperative to underscore that the emphasis on renewable natural gas, particularly in the form of renewable bio-gas and bio-methane, carries numerous environmental advantages. These include substantial contributions to the vital process of decarbonization, which will yield a net reduction in methane emissions and hydrocarbons, addressing pressing environmental concerns.

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