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SSRL pledges to continue working on plans towards empowerment of women

KARACHI: Sino Sindh Resources Private Limited (SSRL) is working on plans to empower women in the impoverished region of Thar, a top company official said on Monday, says a Press release.
Li Jigen, CEO of SSRL, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, said that his company which is working on a mega project of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), was delighted to have recently received the EFP Women Empowerment & Gender Equality Recognition Award For The Year 2023.
SSRL received the award at a ceremony which was preceded by the launch of the EFP Gender Equality Policy organised by Employers Federation of Pakistan.
“SSRL puts a lot of emphasis on women empowerment and is working on many such initiatives for women in Thar,” commented Li Jigen. “Our company also focuses on gender equality,” he added.
In addition to hiring women workers in all fields of the Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine Power Project, of which SSRL is a part, the company is also making efforts to empower local women in the surrounding villages of the area.
The Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine Power Project, which is producing 1320 MW electricity, has employed a group of over 20 local women for cleaning operations of its solar panels. The company has trained and employed the local women to work on the project as part of their initiative aimed at women empowerment in the impoverished region.
“Generally in Thar women do not work outside of homes as there are not many opportunities. But SSRL is trying to bring about a change in that by creating opportunities for local women. Solar panel cleaning is one such successful ongoing activity which has brought women out of their homes making them responsible earning members of their families,” commented Li Jigen.

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