Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Storm Fiber is providing worst services to its customers and is unable to resolve the issues when a complaint is lodged to them. A user has complained regarding his fiber wire issue and their team didn’t come, anyway it started working automatically, but now three days back it happened again and he lodged a complaint to Storm Fiber and they gave him the complaint number and a time of 24 to 48 hours to get the issue resolved by sending their team to repair the defective wires.
The user waited and waited, had to use mobile data and hotspot for my online classes, had to recharge it again and again due to limited packages.
Now three days have passed and whenever he calls their service center they say they have forwarded the complaint and it will be resolved today guaranteed and fake promises.
They are also adopting the same lazy responses adopted by those other broadband companies which people don’t want to use anymore. These companies couldn’t entertain their customers as they should and should understand how important it is to get these issues resolved as everyone has to do Work From Home and internet is very important and such unprofessional behavior by these companies is totally unacceptable.
Storm Fiber started operations in Pakistan when everyone was disappointed from other broadband connections and their customer service. Storm Fiber service was one of the best until it got more and more customers and their service started to went down just like their fiber wires connections.