Street crimes on the rise in Karachi

Street crimes like snatching of mobile phones, cars, gold ornaments etc. are the raising question nowadays in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. The incidents of street crimes have raised in Karachi as the issue might be dominated by the law-enforcement agencies and they are engaged in fighting major issues, like bringing peace and apprehending militants and carrying out operations against terrorists. This is an incredible work to bring peace in the city, while tackling main issues, the tiny ones have been overlooked which led to increase in street crimes.
In cities like Karachi, one cannot find a person without a story of snatching a cell phone or whooping cash. Most of the citizens in Karachi have either been held up at gunpoint themselves, or have friends or family members who have gone through this terrifying nightmare. In fact, robbers do not have the little calculation in pulling the trigger at even a hint of resistance. Many worthful lives have been lost for not handing over a mobile phone, wallet and cash.
It has been reported that 5,982 cell phones, 1,055 motorbikes and 477 cars were snatched in the city from January to March. In the past week one of my friend (namely) Rehman and his acquaintance had been robbed by four robbers at ‘Usman GYM’ near National Stadium. A couple of days back a famous Pakistani artist Hira Mani was robbed at gunpoint outside her house in Karachi.
In every single hour, street crimes headlines appear in the news, but no efforts have been made to control this disgusting issue. According to some researches, the people who commit such crimes are simple native looking souls who are tired of poverty and unemployment; do spoil in such activities. The main reason behind this is the extending unlike between rich and the poor.
In the past the rich people would assist the poor people, that shaped a strong bond between these two but, unfortunately, the link has been cut down and the situation is knocked over. The moral values seem to have ended up. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer day by day. The lack of trust in police is also the reason for this issue. In 2018, a force was launched by the Sindh police to curb these street crimes, however in the beginning they took appropriate actions against the robbers but later they became invisible themselves.
Now the victims believe that it is futile to file a report and inform the police. In fact, the only way to eradicate these crimes us that we have to groom our new generation because a literate person can take the country to development while parents have to spend more time with their children making them aware of the pros and effects of these crimes. Although the situation of Karachi pertaining to its peace, security and stability has magnificently improved over the past months, however, true stability will be seen when the city’s roads will become safe for the ordinary people. Control the incidence of killings, kidnapping, extortion and other brutal crimes have indeed allowed the people of Karachi to breathe easier.
The government should take the situation seriously and provide protection to the people of Karachi and take practical steps to reach the culprits involved in crime in order to end the fear of people. However, people will feel secure only when the street crime is controlled.

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