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Strengthening economic ties between Iran and Pakistan: Nourian

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KARACHI: Hassan Nourian, Iranian Consul General in Karachi, emphasized the need for concerted efforts between Iran and Pakistan, sister nations, to bolster each other’s economies. He expressed these sentiments during a prestigious dinner hosted in his honor by the Karachi Press Club, here Thursday.
Welcomed by President Mubasher Mir and Secretary General Manzar Naqvi of the Karachi Editors Club, the event witnessed the presence of several dignitaries including Senior Vice President Colonel (Retd) Mukhtar Butt, Iranian Commercial Attache Murad Nemati, Akram Kambu, Iqbal Jamil, Colonel Abbasi, S. Aftab Ahmad, Nauman Ahmad Nabi, Dr. Amir Sajjad, and Naeemuddin.
During his address, the Iranian Consul General highlighted the potential for strengthening economic ties through banking channels. He mentioned Iran’s quality products being well-received in numerous countries worldwide, with increasing demand. Furthermore, he noted the import opportunities from Pakistan.
He reiterated Iran’s consistent support for Pakistan, acknowledging Pakistan’s significance as one of Iran’s first allies. He expressed mutual desires for Pakistan’s economic stability and the well-being of its people. To achieve this, he stressed the need for pragmatic steps by Pakistan’s State Bank to promote bilateral trade. Encouraging businessmen from both countries to visit each other’s territories, he anticipated a surge in trade volume benefiting both nations.
The Consul General underscored the importance of micro-banking systems and the ongoing energy pipeline project between the two countries. He expressed optimism for resolving issues related to gas pipelines promptly. Highlighting Iran’s vast energy resources including natural gas, petroleum, and excess electricity, he emphasized potential collaborations in these sectors.
Regarding trade policies, he discussed the challenges Iran faced post-revolution and its subsequent adaptation to free trade policies, emphasizing the critical role of foreign policy in trade relations. Despite decades of sanctions, Iran has progressed significantly in high-base technology, modern culture, and IT sectors.
He praised Pakistani universities for producing brilliant students who he believed would play pivotal roles in Pakistan’s development. These bright minds, he believed, would contribute significantly to Pakistan’s progress in the future.
Responding to a question, he recalled discussions during former Commerce Minister Abdul Razzaq Dawood’s tenure, concerning currency and barter systems to facilitate trade. He emphasized the necessity for better Pakistan-Iran-Afghanistan trade relations and proposed the revival of barter systems to eliminate currency constraints.
He highlighted the need for joint efforts by both governments and media to overcome challenges, underscoring the resilience demonstrated by Iran in facing obstacles and its progress in various fields, urging both nations to compete globally.