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Students Olympics Games undergoing in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Students Olympic Games are undergoing at Hyderabad. The games were inaugurated by President, Hyderabad Students Olympic Association, Irshad Makhdoom, here Tuesday, says a Press release.
Results of games:
Tug of war, Under-13 Girls final: Piggot School beat Public School by 2-0 pull.
Under-17 (Girls): 1st semi final: Hayat School (M) beat public college by 2-0 pull.
2nd semi-final: Hayat (Fatima) School campus beat the Foundation School by 2-0 pull.
Final match: Hayat (F) School beat Hayat (M) campus by 2-0 pull.
Open category (Semi-final match): Shah Latif Girls College beat Public School by 2-0 pull.
Under-13 Boys final match: Foundation School beat Public School by 2-1 pull.
Final match Under-17: Hayat v/s Public College – Public College beat Hayat by 2-0.
Tug-of-War Under-13 Boys: 1st Foudation Public School DC; 2nd Public School.
Futsal Under-13 Boys: 1st FPS DC team A; 2nd FPS DC team B.
Futsal Under-17 Boys: 1st FPS DC; 2nd Public School.
Earlier on Tuesday, Cricket and Netball competitions of 3rd Hyderabad Students Olympic Games-2023 started at Hyderabad.
In the final match of Under-13 Girls Cricket, County Girls School beat Govt Girls High School No-6, by 6 runs. Before the final match, two semi-finals were played.
County School beat Hayat School and Govt Girls High School-6 beat BQ School.
Netball Results:
3 different categories in Netball, Under-13, Under-17 and Open.
Under-13 matches (Girls): Govt Girls H School beat Public School, by 4-0 goals; (Final) PNF beat Govt High School, by 8-0 goals.
Under-17 matches (Girls): Public School beat Shah Latif College, by 14-2 goals; Public School beat Piggot College, by 4-2 goals.
Open Category (Girls): Shah Latif beat PNF by 7-8 Goals; Shah Latif Girls College beat Public School, by 12-0 goals. Shah Latif (G) beat Shah Latif (W) by 9-3 goals.
Open Category (Boys): Qasimabad College beat Public College by 3-2 goals.