Summit for Young ENT Residents at DUHS

KARACHI: Prof. Iqbal Khiyani handing over a prize to Dr. Hazeefa Moeez who presented a research papers at the summit for Young ENT Residents held here at Dow University of Health Sciences.

KARACHI: The Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said that the University encourages medical research and financial resources are also provided for this purpose. Research requires a large sum of money, in this regard, Dow alumni along with the government is playing an important role, says a Press release.
Saeed Quraishy said the Dow University faculty has announced significant progress in the operation of the eardrum in which the eardrum is being operated by endoscopy. Twelve operations have been carried out free of cost in the ENT of the Civil Hospital, through endoscopy of the eardrum. He was speaking at the “Summit for Young ENT Residents” in collaboration with Dr. K.M Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi Department of ENT and Pakistan Society of Otorhinolaryngology at the Arag Auditorium of Dow University of Health Sciences.
In addition to the conference, the guest of honor was the Vice Chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Medical University Professor Tariq Rafi, Principal of Dow Medical College Professor Amjad Siraj Memon, Chairperson of “Summit for Young ENT Residents” Professor Shuja Farrukh, Secretary Summit Prof Dr. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui, senior professor Iqbal Khayani also spoke on the occasion while Pro Vice Chancellor of Dow University Prof. Zarnaz Wahid, Vice Principal of Dow Medical College Dr. Shumaila Khalid, Head of Department ENT Jinnah Sindh Medical University Prof. Sameer Qureshi, Senior ENT Experts from all Teaching Universities along with a large number of students attended the Summit.
Prof. Muhammad Saeed Qureshy said that it was a pleasure to hold this Summit for young ENT doctors. The conference will inspire young doctors to explore and, in turn, help them develop their professional skills and overcome their weaknesses. He said that during the last years in developed countries, the communication skills of the public sector doctors of Pakistan have been questioned. But after observing the 20 selected young doctors presenting their papers, it seems that no one in the future will dare talk about our young doctors’ communication skills. He congratulated the ENT sector on holding this Young Doctors Summit and wished all the best in future. He added that other departments should also organize similar programs to enhance the capabilities of young doctors.
Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chancellor of Jinnah Sindh Medical University Prof. Syed Mohammad Tariq Rafi said that we are proud to hold the Young Doctors Summit in Karachi. The program will also encourage young doctors to read, learn and increase their knowledge as most of the young generation can be seen staying away from reading books and getting themselves used to multimedia. Today’s Summit is attended by ENT doctors from all the medical colleges across Karachi. This is the first conference of its kind in which young doctors have provided the opportunity to present their research papers to seniors. It will help to promote the culture of research in Pakistan and monthly meetings will certainly play a vital role in this regard.
Speaking on the occasion, Principal of Dow Medical College Professor Amjad Siraj Memon said that holding a Young ENT Summit at Dow Medical College was an honor. While speaking to the audience, Summit Chairperson Prof. Shuja Farrukh said that there are excellent ENT doctors and surgeons in the civil hospital and we want this capability to be transmitted to our young doctors. Pakistan ENT Society has been organizing various programs throughout the country since 1981, this is the first such summit which is organized for our young doctors.
Young doctors from Aga Khan University, Zia-ud-Din, Hamdard Medical University, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Liaquat National Medical College, Lyari Medical College and Dow University of Health Sciences presented research papers at the summit. He added that usually at large-scale conferences, young doctors are not provided such an opportunity to present their research papers.
In the panel discussion to encourage young doctors at the summit, the doctors were selected from among them so that they could have more confidence and a passion for research. We selected 20 research articles for today’s summit.
Summit Secretary Associate Professor Dr. Atif said that the reason the field of research is weakening in our country is the lack of motivation of young doctors, young doctors work hard and want to move forward, but they are not provided the right direction. According to the decision of senior ENT professors, Dr. Shayan Khan was awarded First in today’s research papers, second was Dr. Maheen Piyar Ali and the third was awarded to Dr. Huzaifa Moiz.